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  1. robert smith
    robert smith
    Hi everyone! I'm in an art class and as part of my project I need to design hunting art on boots. Any ideas or suggestions?
  2. SocalAL
    Break in the shotgun with a hog hunt.. I think so
  3. DanSanDiego
    2017 The Year of the Deer
  4. Dave Roberts
    Dave Roberts
    Retired... Hunted (deer, pig, birds, rabbits) a lot in the past and now have the time to get back to the field.
  5. Holster Craft
    Holster Craft
    from Yucaipa Ca.
  6. 2dogs1name
    2dogs1name DoubleTrouble
    Hey Phil, great meeting you today turkey hunting. You were right, I did post about the poachers on this site! Damn I'm getting old. Let me know when you are heading out...2 hunters are always better than one in the turkey woods. - Scott
  7. SocalAL
    Infatuated with turkeys
  8. labsrule
    labsrule Griffin Thurby
    Nothing like out of state. These birds get pounded by some really good turkey hunters. Give me a number. I will call you.

  9. alaska drop camp
    alaska drop camp Forum Janitor
    I posted something on the guides page yesterday, and it was removed, can you tell me what I did wrong that got it removed?
  10. Truduct
    I cant believe hunting season is ending. Withdraws are already setting in and it isn't even over yet.
  11. The Deer Guy
    The Deer Guy
    Whackin and stackin
  12. Valvadeer
    Hello to all my fellow hunters out there. I'm new to the forum and can't wait to start posting my hunts and adventures with all of you!
  13. Thedude2016
    Thedude2016 turkeyman 85
    Is the air rifle still available?
    1. turkeyman 85
      turkeyman 85
      Yes it is.
      Dec 19, 2016
    2. Thedude2016
      How much are you asking? and what shape is it in?
      Dec 20, 2016
  14. Truduct
    I'd rather be lucky than good any day
  15. Goyaałé
    Funny how some have an answer for everything, but never really answer anything...
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  16. Goyaałé
    Coffee time
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  17. Goyaałé
    Peripheral vision.
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  18. iupa1
    iupa1 turkeyman 85
    Ok thanks man will check them out i as well am in a budget. Hope to see more of your videos
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    2. turkeyman 85
      turkeyman 85
      Thanks man. I hope I can continue and get better filming myself. Lol
      Nov 26, 2016
  19. iupa1
    iupa1 turkeyman 85
    Hey man seen one of your videos on YouTube you were using your vortex binoculars what tripod set up do u use?
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    2. turkeyman 85
      turkeyman 85
      The vortex pro gt. But I would recommend something better if you can afford it. I couldn't so that's why I use it. But I would go with the outdoorsmans with a micro Panhead or a manfrotto.
      Nov 26, 2016
  20. Goyaałé
    Counting deer at night instead of sheep, but it doesn't help me sleep. I'm completely obsessed.
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