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  1. Goyaałé
    Looking forward to heading out again this week..
  2. Goyaałé
    Coffee is ready
  3. SocalAL
    Bummed i missed the dove opener.. Hope to get out before the end of season
  4. Big Jim
    Big Jim ilovesprig
    Hey there Steve, Big Jim here, my son and i are heading down in the morning, heading to the area i posted a couple years ago that was removed. lol. i think you remember the spot, any way were staying at the holiday inn off 4th, if your in the area give me a shout 951-970-9240
  5. Holster Craft
    Holster Craft
    Work hard, play harder!
  6. Elkwisper
    DAV looking for Elk hunting partner. Idaho has great DAV package. Never forget the POW/MIA.
  7. Elkwisper
    DAV hunter looking for another DAV hunter to hunt with.
  8. SocalAL
    Dreaming of hoggs an rabbits
  9. Goyaałé
    Looking forward to next year
  10. Frank Evaro
  11. NBK
    NBK J white
    Nice to have you aboard SCH J White
    1. J white
      J white
      Thanks nice to be here
      Aug 7, 2017
  12. Jeremy
    Jeremy SoCalB3AST
    hi there! I am new and I have seen you active on the forums. I am in Ventura County and just got my hunting license. A friend of mine is a long time hunter but has never hunted big game. I understand people don't like to give up their spots, but maybe a public land guide would be able to help. Do you know of anyone? Thanks!
  13. pchen911
    pchen911 SurfNHuntSD
    Hi. I saw your post. I guess you figured out that I hunt at the McCain Valley BLM. I need to find some new spots out there again since the construction. If you can point me to some new spots to scout out, I'd certainly appreciate it.
  14. SoCalB3AST
    Youse my boy blue. Im excited for monday.
  15. WabbitHunt
    New hunter. Looking for some advise on rabbit hunting near and around the San Bernardino area.
  16. GoodKarma
    GoodKarma ilovesprig
    hello ilovesprig, i need to change my name in the forums i didn't put a forum call sign down its my name.. a little too much info right? can you change it to GoodKarma or delete my account?? thanks.

    Edit** you know im looking around the forums.. other seem to have done it too and they don't care. maybe its not a big deal it just that i don't like my name being out there lol. let me know what can be done.

  17. robert smith
    robert smith
    Hi everyone! I'm in an art class and as part of my project I need to design hunting art on boots. Any ideas or suggestions?
  18. SocalAL
    Break in the shotgun with a hog hunt.. I think so
  19. DanSanDiego
    2017 The Year of the Deer
  20. Dave Roberts
    Dave Roberts
    Retired... Hunted (deer, pig, birds, rabbits) a lot in the past and now have the time to get back to the field.