Its that time again to start planing the our Wounded Warrior Duck hunt. Many of you have seen this before on here but for you guys who are new a little back ground. We named this hunt after a true American hero named Oscar Canon. read about Oscar

Oscar is the only reason our first hunt happened and no doubt if we had failed that first year the rest of our hunts would never have taken place.

Tragedy struck a few short weeks after that first hunt. Oscar who had endured surgery after surgery passed. We had talked just days before and made plans to hunt together again, this would not come to pass.

So once a year we all get together and host some of the greatest people our nation has. We do our best to honor his name and what he wanted ” to get guys out duck hunting ” This will be our 6th event and promises to be the best one yet.

We have a few spots open so if you know of a combat wounded Hero that would like to join us feel free to contact me!


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