Recently Scott Sterling, owner of Monolithic Munitions kindly asked SCH if we would test some of his custom/factory ammo. I was excited to help out and before I knew it, Scott made sure I had some .260 Remington ammunition sent to me (they have a good selection of various cartridges to choose from).   A few weeks later I made the run to our local 100-yard indoor range (controlled environment) and below are the vitals:

Cartridge: .260 Remington

Ammo: Monolithic Munitions 95 Grain GS Custom lead free – .424 G1 B.C

Rifle: Sako 85  23″ barrel 1-8″ twist

Scope: Leupold VX-3  2.5-8×36 Duplex

Chronograph: Magneto Speed


Chronograph speed was 3357 (this makes sense as the Monolithic test barrel is 24″ and their claim is 3400 FPS)

Largest 3 shot groups were .786″ (or 3/4″ @ 100 yards).

I found the ammo to be very well made and the company uses bench rest components.  The ammo loaded into the magazine well and also fed smoothly into the chamber.  Once fired, the spent brass ejected easily.  Bolt lift was fine but you could tell that the ammo is loaded on the hot side. Primers were flat but no other pressure signs were noticeable.  Overall, everything went as predicted.






















The recoil was evident but not uncomfortable. Let’s face it, the .260 is mild anyway.

The group size is amazing considering I was using an 8x power scope.  I found it very difficult to get back on target exactly on the cross mark that you basically can’t even see at 100 yards.  I suspect we would be discussing a 1/2″ group size or smaller if I used a higher magnification scope.


I am totally impressed with Monolithic Munitions ammo.  It is bench-rest quality, consistent and exceeds all velocity expectations as claimed by the company. The ballistic long-range performance is spectacular due to the high B.C. bullets and the extreme velocities coupled with excellent accuracy.

The bullets are designed with hunting in mind. The current testimony is stellar, as these bullets have been used on big game for years.  We just haven’t had a company load GS bullets until Monolithic Munitions came into the game.

I had a chance this season to use the Monolithic Munitions 95 Grain GS Custom lead free cartridges in .260 Rem to dispatch a nice local deer. When the time came I laid my pack down, quickly got into position and let out a loud whistle. Mr. Bucky made his fatal and last decision to stop. I let the .260 release it’s 95 grain Monolithic Munitions lightning bolt – BAM! Mr. Bucky never knew what hit him. While not a super long shot, at 203 yards the deer was dumped as if hit by a lightning bolt.  Needless to say, I am going to be shooting this load moving forward.

I could not be happier.  Monolithic Munitions delivers on their promise – Unbelievably accurate and “Game Smashing Performance”!

I would definitely recommend you try some of this ammo on your next hunt.  Contact Scott at or:

Monolithic Munitions, LLC
59 Old El Pueblo Road
Unit C
Scotts Valley, CA 95066

Toll Free 1 855 4 Monolithic (66-6654)

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