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Lakewood® Offers The C-250 Take-Down Recurve Case

Suamico, Wisconsin – Lakewood Products®, a Division of Midwest Textile Manufacturing Corporation and the leader in hunting and fishing protective cases, continues expanding its line of superior archery cases. Lakewood’s® arsenal of protective cases now includes a new revised and improved C-250 Traditional Take-Down Recurve Case.zzzzzC250-BK-Brakedown-Recurve (2)

The C-250 is another classic designed protective case from Lakewood Products®, offering a protective case that gives peace of mind to those traditional archers searching for arrow and take-down bow protection.

The newer C-250 Traditional Take-Down Recurve Case is a no-nonsense case, offering a complete sanctuary for your prized recurve or long bow and arrows. The two part case can hold up to two dozen arrows, in foam inserts in the bottom of the C-250, and the top side will hold your dismantled take-down bow, an additional set of limbs and accessories securely in convoluted foam-lined wall. The combination of foam and velcro straps securely holds and protects the bow’s riser and limbs, reducing any chance of movement during transport.zzzzzzzC250-BK-Breakdown-Recurve-Arrows (1)

The C-250 Traditional Take-Down Recurve Case has a rugged ballistic nylon exterior, available in black and in True-Timber camouflage. When asked about the C-250 Take-Down Recurve case, Steve Wagnitz, president of Lakewood Products®, said, “With the numerous requests from traditional archers for a smaller protective case for their take-down bows we developed the Traditional Take-Down Case with the same kind of protections offered in our other cases and immediately knew we had a winner!”

The C-250 Take-Down Recurve case from Lakewood Products® is a strong and durable case offering protection for the bow and the arrows.zzzzzzC250-BK-Breakdown-Recurve-Bow (1)

This newly re-designed C-250 Take-Down Recurve Case and all Lakewood Products are Airline Approved.   The C-250 Traditional Take-Down Recurve Case, as with all Lakewood Products® cases, is proudly in the Made in the USA! To learn more about the     C-250 Traditional Take-Down Recurve Case or any of the fine protective cases from Lakewood Products, visit their website at, or follow them on Facebook.

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