Well it has taken me a couple weeks to get this post together but for the second time in a month I have filled the freezer with a buck. We have been blessed to be successful for deer on almost all of our trips to Elk country but shooting a buck out here is harder than it looks. To make things even better my dad tagged out within 10 min of me.

The elk hunting was tough as always but we did manage to get on elk on three separate occasions. The second night we played match maker right at dark with a couple cows and their calf’s and had a small rag-horn meet them in the middle of a large meadow. I did have the bull at 82 yds but it was past legal light and I couldn’t see through my peep. Of course we went back the next night and as luck would have it around 500 head of sheep had taken residence in the best meadow around. Along with two very loud sheep herders 5 dogs and a donkey with a cowbell. I have never wanted to shoot a sheep so bad in my life.

The next night was ruined by wolves howling. It was very cool to hear but unfortunately the elk were not amused. We didn’t get a shot at a wolf but we did have a couple of tags burning a hole in our pockets.

We normally shoot does for meat as the opportunity arises while we hunt for elk but this year we just didn’t get any shots at deer. Except for this little gem in camp. My dad is a very ethical hunter but he definitely would have put a G5 through her cage as she walked if he thought she was not going to stop!

The week came and went and Friday would be our last day to hunt. The morning was beautiful but we were skunked. We got back to the truck around noon and set our course for camp. It was bottom of the 9th with two outs. About 3 minutes from the highway the buck below blew up and ran across the back road we were on. As I jumped out of the truck curiosity got the best of him and did like most mule deer do and turned to get one last look. It was a clean pass through at 30 yds.

Little did I know there was a bigger buck bedded within 5 yds of me! When I let my arrow fly the commotion finally persuaded the bigger buck to follow his buddy up the hill. Needless to say I almost had to change my depends! My dad had not even put the truck in park. After he got the truck stopped he jumped out and snuck up to about 40 yards but had a pretty extreme quartering away shot. Bulls eye. Opened him up pretty good. The buck didn’t even know what hit him. He actually ran back down towards the road and gave my dad a second opportunity. Bulls eye again. Two bucks down within 10 min. Needless to say we went home happy campers.

Dad and I bucks.JPG

A cool shot of one of our elk areas.

Elk zone.JPG

My ambush spot in our “Sheep meadow”

Ambush spot.JPG

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