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  1. monyako

    Support your boy

    @GUNDOGLOVER That is a fair shout. I put that as 2nd, but reasonable people can disagree.
  2. monyako

    Support your boy

    @Aeon I never said "we are the most divided" check isn't there. I'm unclear where this comes from? I stand by the belief that 2020 has been the worst year in living memory, but if you have an alternative I'd be interested in hearing it. If you don't see the consequences of "very...
  3. monyako

    Support your boy

    @A Team - you make many points I agree with: Re:Obama and Iran - you are 100% correct Re:MSM - 100% correct - they will never give Trump credit for anything Re:China - China plays a long game and we are early in on this. Also, Trump has done more to standup to them than anyone else Re:Middle...
  4. monyako

    Support your boy

    Our two party system delivered a narcissistic agent of chaos, and doddering old fool, so yeah, more chit show coming up. Meanwhile: unemployment, identity politics, loss of rights (!st and 2a) and CHINA!!! The CCP and PLA think we are weak and for the taking. Out international standing has...
  5. monyako

    Support your boy

    I know my comments on politics are perceived like the turd in the punch bowl, but last night was bad for the country. Biden isn't up to it, but Trump is leading the Republican party into obscurity. I don't believe Trump won over a single independent or undecided voter. Think about that for a...
  6. monyako

    Youth shotguns?

    I have purchased two rifles and three shotguns in the last year. I have scoured the web looking for the best place to buy. Best prices, great service, and constantly updated stock. Also, you can create a wishlist, and as weapons come available they will notify you...
  7. monyako

    Covid & the flu explained

    What I think is interesting is the way MSM makes it sound like COVID kills Black and Brown people at higher rates because of poor access to health in this country (implying racism). Maybe. It seems more likely that it is because of a vitamin D deficiency. Melanin hinders the creation of...
  8. monyako

    Are you ready for some Ball ?

    I stopped watching the NFL, but it was traumatic brain injuries and not the politics. NFL is on a long slow glide path to decline, but still, Raiders! Any Premier League fans?
  9. monyako

    California is closed...road trip?

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions! I had looked at hunting areas in Arizona, but NM and Utah are also good ideas. @HATCHET1 The bank account could always be better, but I would be happy to pay for access to private land. Please PM me if you know private land we can access.
  10. monyako

    California is closed...road trip?

    Fair enough. Perhaps the question was so broad as to be useless, and apologies for that. I was trying to throw out a question that would spark an insight from the more experienced and knowledgeable members of the board. Ideally we would go after deer or a larger species. The only thing we...
  11. monyako

    California is closed...road trip?

    @SDLIVIN Points for brevity:)
  12. monyako

    California is closed...road trip?

    I was planning on taking my boys up to A Zone for a week of camping and hunting. I thought the probability of getting a deer was pretty low, but the boys would be excited to be out in the woods, and you have to develop your bush craft somewhere. That plan is bust with the fires. I still have...
  13. monyako

    D-19 Opener Success

    @cjdewese Thanks for the inspiring post! Hard work works, and your buck is 100% earned. I'm looking forward to my first deer hunt.
  14. monyako

    Went Scouting in D15 Today and Here's What I Found

    My first thought when I saw the graffiti was that it must be some sort of false flag, or someone trying to incite conflict, but the tags are too good. Notice the skill in the capital "B"s - that comes from practice. I would guess that the police could identify the tagger. I went to school with...
  15. monyako

    From BHA: contact your Senator

    The administration recently withdrew the formal nomination of anti-public lands activist William Perry Pendley as director of the Bureau of Land Management. The decision acknowledges the reality that Pendley's record of working against our public lands would not pass muster in a Senate...
  16. monyako

    safe to eat?

    WE have been eating cottontails and jacks with no ill effects, but word to the wise: leave the ground squirrels alone.
  17. monyako

    Where do you live?

    Culver City
  18. monyako

    Places to pattern new waterfowl loads

    SCH Outdoors is awesome! @fish dog that map was just what I needed for the weekend, thank you.
  19. monyako

    New precision 308

    I thought it was this: Can you send me a link to the product specs, or list the product name? I'm interested. DM to talk price.
  20. monyako

    New precision 308

    @Chris240 First, stunning! That looks amazing. I think at 15lbs though it is too heavy for me. I appreciate the offer. I think I will go with either the Neo or Hard to justify 4oz and $400 for the folding stock. $10 a year for 40...

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