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  1. monyako

    California is closed...road trip?

    I was planning on taking my boys up to A Zone for a week of camping and hunting. I thought the probability of getting a deer was pretty low, but the boys would be excited to be out in the woods, and you have to develop your bush craft somewhere. That plan is bust with the fires. I still have...
  2. monyako

    From BHA: contact your Senator

    The administration recently withdrew the formal nomination of anti-public lands activist William Perry Pendley as director of the Bureau of Land Management. The decision acknowledges the reality that Pendley's record of working against our public lands would not pass muster in a Senate...
  3. monyako

    San Jacinto Wildlife Area (Reguations)

    The boys and I got out to the San Jacinto wildlife area in San Moreno on Sunday morning. We got a couple of cotton tails near the entrance, OnX showed us as being on the Green. At about 7a we were approached by genteman who said that we couldn't shoot "upland game" in that area, as this was...
  4. monyako

    Peter rabbit got got

    We went out this morning, and got our first rabbit! It has been a while in coming, but very exciting. I have two very happy boys, and the only problem is I can't wake up at 3:45a every weekend day. We have some family stuff for the next couple of weekends, but we will be going back out...
  5. monyako

    Great News! BHA

    You did it! Your voice matters! Thank you! With a resounding 310-107 vote, the U.S. House of Representatives just passed the Great American Outdoors Act! This historic vote marks a turning point in American conservation, capping off decades of hard work by outdoor organizations, conservation...
  6. monyako

    Which Zones to buy?

    I am going to buy a couple of deer tags. Of the regions that are available it looks like my best options are: D8 or D10 And D13 or D19 Are any of these regions that I should avoid? This is my first time buying tags, so any suggestions are welcome!
  7. monyako

    new hunter question: where to register for draws?

    I'm new to hunting, but I get that you need tags, and for some species tags are allocated on a point system. I'm probably not ready to go out and get an Elk but at some point I will, and I will want to have points to apply to that goal. What states should I be applying to and accruing points...
  8. monyako

    Everyone has to start somewhere (Noobs)

    Went hunting for the first time this weekend. We went for rabbits, but ended up getting ground squirrels. We had watched Meateater Season 8 episode 1, so we knew squirrels are on the menu for people, but it was a first. My sons skinned, cleaned and deep fried the squirrels with enthusiasm. A...

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