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    Men have been social distancing in restrooms since the beginning of restrooms. If a guy doesn’t keep his distance, there’s a good chance he’ll lose his teeth and nobody will feel bad for him.
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    I find it interesting that they will close the permanent restrooms and bring in porta-potties. Are the stink boxes safer??
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    getting older

  5. Nuevo

    Youth shotguns?

    I’m not worried about the recoil of a .410, I’m worried they won’t drop anything. I have also shied away from . 410 because of the cost, but if I can reload them by hand, that might make it worthwhile
  6. Nuevo

    Youth shotguns?

    You’re nephew sounds like me as a kid. I started off with a 12 gauge NEF single shot. That thing felt like a mule team lined up to kick you! That said, I don’t think my daughters would enjoy that, and I certainly don’t want to scare them from shooting. I thought about a .410, but my concern...
  7. Nuevo

    Youth shotguns?

    No, I haven’t. I haven’t heard of that either.
  8. Nuevo

    Youth shotguns?

    Disclaimer: this is not a WTB ad, but if you have what I’m looking for, pm me. I have two young daughters and they both want to hunt. I bought them a Daisy red rider BB gun to learn skills and safety, but I want to move them up to shotguns. I really like the Mossberg Bantam model as you can...
  9. Nuevo

    Property-specific restrictions?

    I think I understand what you are asking. Since Hollenbeck canyon does not allow for firearms, I don’t believe an air rifle would be a problem since it is not a firearm. If you are using it to hunt, just be sure the animal(s) you are hunting are legal to take with an air rifle
  10. Nuevo

    Happy Daughters Day!!

    My two squids... they’re a little older now, but they both want to hunt and fish, especially my little one.
  11. Nuevo

    Local hunting and camping

    For big game I almost always camped out. I did an occasional day hunt now and then, but I like to enjoy the time being out of the house
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    Check this out on the Salton Sea.

    I’d like to see it restored, along with those big corvina too! I always wanted to catch one of them monsters
  13. Nuevo

    getting older

    I’ll be celebrating my second 21’st tomorrow... most would say I ain’t seen nothin yet, but I feel it!
  14. Nuevo

    Life Flight

    I hope insurance covered you! I’ve seen ambulance bills before, and those are painful enough
  15. Nuevo

    Be Careful Out There Bikers

    30.06? 300WM? 7mm??? Nope... Econoline 250 :laughing:
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    I just remind mine that I’m the only one who knows the combo to the safe... and I have decent butcher skills, and I own a boat.
  17. Nuevo

    Oak Groves

    Story of my life!
  18. Nuevo

    Less than 50 Days

    I live in rural Riverside county, so I’m not too worried about sh** going down in my area, but if it does... well, if a .223 can take a chunk out of a guys arm, I’d be curious to see what my .44 mag will do.
  19. Nuevo

    First dove

    The dove population takes quite the hit on opening day. Every day after that is just brought down a little bit more. Thankfully doves repopulate pretty quick, and quick enough to allow for a second season.
  20. Nuevo

    First doves in 30 years!

    I’ve been driving truck for over 16 years, and never been to Yuma till this past weekend. Two days from the end of season and it looked like opening day in the IV that I remember.

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