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  1. chessie

    Flood Up Maps - San Luis - Mendota

    Saw these posted on another forum, figured some of you guys who hunt the grasslands/Mendota might want this info. Wonder if Wister will have a flood up map? :cool: San Luis-Grasslands Mendota...
  2. chessie

    More Salton Sea News

    Somethings shaking in the IV. Just in time for Dove
  3. chessie

    Salton Sea News If you want to read about it
  4. chessie

    Niland Geyser Update

    Detour finished near check station. Here's some drone footage:
  5. chessie

    Shipping a Car Cross Country

    Anybody do this recently? Looks like I need to ship a car soon. Appreciate any advise.
  6. chessie

    Lost my favorite hunting partner - Dad

    No one knows what to really do when you favorite hunting partner passes away. Relive in your mind the many moments you had together. Think back on all the great conversations you had when the skies where empty. Look at the lab left behind knowing how many hundreds of birds he brought to hand...
  7. chessie

    Lithium and the Salton Sea Strange things are afoot at the Circle K......
  8. chessie

    Killing Animals to Save Them? Hunting as Conservation “Hunters are the base of the food chain, the most important part of what we do,” Brasher concludes. “They’re the fuel that runs the engine.”
  9. chessie

    Wister Opener - Averages

    In case there was any doubt lack of water was the main issue at Wister this year for lack of ducks. From the DFG website, here's the Duck avg per year on the opener at Wister: 2006 -- 3.97 2007 -- 3.52 2008 -- 3.22 2009 through 2013 -- N/A 2014 -- 5.00 2015 -- 5.51 2016 -- 5.4 2017 -- 6.0 2018...
  10. chessie

    Highway 111 Shutdown - 2 weeks

    For all you heading to Imperial County and Wister area:
  11. chessie

    Article: The Turmoil at the BLM Is Threatening Public Lands
  12. chessie

    Salton Sea water to sea of Cortez - Desert Sun Opinion page

    OPINION Valley Voice: We must begin work on bringing Sea of Cortez water to the Salton Sea G. Dana Hobart, Special to The Desert SunPublished 8:00 a.m. PT July 27, 2019 The Salton Sea is California’s largest lake: roughly 35 miles long by 15 miles wide. Its surface is 233 feet below sea...
  13. chessie

    CA Ducks - Breeding Survey

    Local duck counts down in CA:
  14. chessie

    Which bird do you shoot at first?

    Watched an episode of DU TV last night. Saved this screen shot since I knew immediately which one I'm shooting at first. ;) No cheating if you watched the episode. 2019 Episode 3 if you want to see what happens:
  15. chessie

    Wister parking lot - Sink Hole Admittingly the read is boring but some of the pics show the effect of the sink hole East of the Wister parking lot and why it appeared 'wet' at times last year before we had rain. Looks like Route 111 may be effected by 2021 "As of this...
  16. chessie

    Dog - Fireworks

  17. chessie

    Improve Brain Function Does going to the fridge for Beer count? Asking for a friend.
  18. chessie

    Alaska Wildlife Officers - tough job
  19. chessie

    'Git-R-Done': Trump opens 1.4 million federal acres to hunters, anglers
  20. chessie

    Felon's on Juries?

    Could happen.....only in CA. "This bill would delete the prohibition relative to persons who have been convicted of a felony from being qualified to be a trial...

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