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  1. Bigfin


    Flatten the curve or Flatten my head !! Wait let me go put on some more LA Looks cause if I'm gonna be a Cock Sucker I might as well look like one . Newscum
  2. Bigfin

    watch out now

    [email protected]#@#$ ing INBREDS !!!!
  3. Bigfin


    But it’s well worth it !!!
  4. Bigfin


    Gotta wait in line in Sacramento !!!
  5. Bigfin

    Gary Need Our Help!

    Hell I miss Gary and never had the pleasure of reading his posts !!! Every Site Needs someone like that keeps it entertaining . Wasn't He The GDOG ? Now I really dont hunt but love reading your guys adventures and I can tell you if a lobster was crossing the road well I would definitely aim for...
  6. Bigfin


    Now thats a Prop .Hooked on a feeling. Uga Uga Uga Shota !!. Nice work !!
  7. Bigfin

    does it hurt?

    You Guys Eat those things ??? :scream: Make jerky ?? Export to China ??
  8. Bigfin

    Decent Day at Lake Pardee

    Thanks was liking the water level at Pardee nice to see that management . And the fish were tasty !!
  9. Bigfin


    Dam I thought Fracking was illegal ? Especially in So Cal !! Nice to have a Janitor to Clean Up . Thanks , BF
  10. Bigfin

    Decent Day at Lake Pardee

    Here it is
  11. Bigfin

    Decent Day at Lake Pardee

    Did not get a chance to weigh it . But I would guess #2-2.5 . It fought good pulled drag 3 times made some nice runs . I did weigh one last year that was around #8 that one fought well too . I'll see if I can find the pic .
  12. Bigfin

    Decent Day at Lake Pardee

    I really can taste the difference in those LT its more salmon taste to me . Get Ready For Gold . First round today !!!
  13. Bigfin

    Decent Day at Lake Pardee

    LMAO selective hearing I guess
  14. Bigfin

    Decent Day at Lake Pardee

    Threw those fillets on the BBQ with an overnight soak of Yoshidas Teriyaki marinade . Teriyaki Trout Pretty Dam Good !!!
  15. Bigfin

    Back in Black

    Triple Trouble there . Got all the bases covered nothings gettin by . Looks like he's gonna be a monster . Nice Dogs !!!
  16. Bigfin

    Cougar Stalks Runner for 6 minutes near Provo, UT

    Yep Protective mode Mama is pissed look at those ears slicked back and with No Gel !!!
  17. Bigfin

    Decent Day at Lake Pardee

    Lake Pardee is getting ready to close for the season in November . As they do every year at this time to help protect the bird migration. So I called my buddy and decided to go today did not figure to even catch any cause it’s always a great time BS ing with Greg . We met a guy named Robert and...
  18. Bigfin

    Be Careful Out There Bikers

    Yep seems like your doing the county or City a service by hauling it away . Shoot thats Thanksgiving and Xmas laying there . Dam I think I just named em .
  19. Bigfin

    Grizz chases down and kills bull elk in the middle of a river

    Dam that Elk was doing a Bear a roll . Got himself a Trophy though . Thanks for sharing BF
  20. Bigfin

    Two days on the water

    Wow nice little trip there . Looks like someone has a freezer full of Dorado and Yellowfin !!! Pretty Jealous here in the Desert . Tightlines always BF

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