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  1. Bigfin

    Decent Day at Lake Pardee

    Lake Pardee is getting ready to close for the season in November . As they do every year at this time to help protect the bird migration. So I called my buddy and decided to go today did not figure to even catch any cause it’s always a great time BS ing with Greg . We met a guy named Robert and...
  2. Bigfin

    Are you ready for some Ball ?

    Dam football is finally here , something to look forward to in these dark times . Who's your team ? How long have you been a fan ? And whats your best memory ?
  3. Bigfin

    Democrap Convention

    Pure Shit is what it is . They are saying they will bring jobs back to America and buy American sounds like they are flying on Trumps tail feathers . I honestly cannot remember any democrap that has actually come close to doing what they said in their campaign promises . But the Donald thats...
  4. Bigfin

    Virus tied to the Election ?

    Friends of mine have recently started saying the Virus is tied to the Election . Anyone have thoughts on that ? I for one do not trust anyone in Government so I would not put it past them and I still think its a Bio weapon that either got out by accident or worse on purpose !!
  5. Bigfin

    3 T’s Tailwater Trout Today

    Had to go out and get back to basics today . Got to the American River around 7 . I went to the point and started throwing a hand tied jig that imitates threadfin shad as soon as I took my second cast my other pole gets hit and then slammed tight lucky for me it was a small one bout 10 inches...
  6. Bigfin

    Monster Trout Alert Almost a state record its a beauty !!!
  7. Bigfin

    Cars and Rock & Roll

    Hope this works my son works as an editor for Goodguys car club he sent this cool video down enjoy . BF
  8. Bigfin


    Just got back from Starbucks and the Lady Barista was wearing a surgical mask . Being stupid I asked her why she was wearing a mask , she said oh its not a mask silly its a coughee filter !
  9. Bigfin


    We were supposed to go to Vegas this week but that’s not happening and it’s sad we had all the kids and their spouses going it was supposed to be my wife’s 60th present I had purchased 10 tickets to Aerosmith and got her best friend since kindergarten to come along also and believe me that was...
  10. Bigfin

    Whats your biggest Fish ?

    Post your biggest fish stories and pictures if you have them here . Doesn't matter fresh water or salt just post em up !!! Mines a 42lb Flathead caught while crappie fishing at Kaw Lake, in Oklahoma . Caught it on an electric chicken crappie jig . Thought I had snagged the bottom at first until...
  11. Bigfin

    Campfire Board

    Was wondering if we could change the open discussion room to the Campfire Board or Thread ?After all everyone who hunts and fishes loves a good Campfire . And another alternative would be to put a Campfire Thread in the Fishing section if you dont want to change the open discussion board ...
  12. Bigfin


    My wife said she is starting to look fat and can I give her a compliment ? I said sure you have perfect eyesight !!! Hunting Fishing Loving Everyday , BF
  13. Bigfin

    Lightning Strikes

    Wanted to share a story with you guys about the infamous Lightning Trout . IDK if any of you have had the pleasure of catching one but it’s definitely different and the ones they are raising now at Lake Amador are hard hard fighting fish they are calling them Amador Golds !!! About 2 years ago...
  14. Bigfin

    Sacramento area

    Wild trout Kickin Bass and Good Times!! Went out yesterday cause well I can’t go to church so might as well go fishing . I was rewarded with a beautiful 6.6 lb wild trout and a nice smallmouth to boot [emoji3067] Good to know you can still pull out some nice fish around here if you put in the...
  15. Bigfin

    Fishing in the city

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  16. Bigfin

    Fishing in the city

    Went out today thinking [emoji848] Sunday would have less people out ! Well that turned out to be wrong the bike trails looked like Talladega there were people everywhere oh well I knew where I was headed , isolation alley !! Now the fish they were very active today , I had to catch a few small...

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