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  1. ilovesprig

    Tag soup side of humble pie

    Well put, Brent
  2. ilovesprig

    Do Spinners Really Work?

    They work for a while, especially the 1st few days down here...Good job
  3. ilovesprig

    Good Hunt at San Jacinto

    Good work, Mac
  4. ilovesprig

    A few SCHers mounts

    Beautiful work, Ed..... :clap:
  5. ilovesprig

    Tag soup side of humble pie

    Every time out should be a learning experience...It's the secret to success...You're definitely on the right path.
  6. ilovesprig


    Holy $hit....One glass would do the trick....:dizzy:
  7. ilovesprig

    quail question

    Hunter, Nature takes care of itself...They will start flushing earlier in mass, fly farther, hold tighter, and the young of the year will learn that calling much is dangerous...Most coveys have been hunted by now...Finding other spots/coveys is part of the fun...2 cents ps...Great going on...
  8. ilovesprig

    red top

    Love redheads...……. :cool:
  9. ilovesprig

    Local duck hunt

    Nice going...... :clap:
  10. ilovesprig

    Fun quail hunt

    Great going, guys....Those are awesome pix.... :clap:
  11. ilovesprig

    First time going out scouting

    Very cool...Little surprised that there's no bigger rams still with this group of ewes...Some big boys are still looking for love at this time of year...Their rut ends in November/early December.
  12. ilovesprig

    San Jacinto first timer

    Bob, is it shootsble? Lol
  13. ilovesprig

    San Jacinto first timer

    George...Thank you for inviting me...I really did have a good time, despite very few ducks and even less shooting...You take the good with the bad...It was really cool seeing Tom get his very 1st duck (buffie) and talking to you both about waterfowling...Till next time. .
  14. ilovesprig

    Bucket list bird

    The common hens like your are very pretty, but drakes are stunning.
  15. ilovesprig


    Mac, I think the limit on coots is 25...….lol
  16. ilovesprig

    on the x

    Dang nice, Richard...That hoodie should go on the wall.
  17. ilovesprig

    WTB semi auto shotgun

    Need to know a little more...Is used OK?...2 3/4", 3", or 3 1/2"...Synthetic or wood?...Gas or inertia?...Camo or plain black? What kind of birds do you plan on hunting?
  18. ilovesprig

    Unique Ring Neck Hen

    Hey bud....If you have an issue with what he gets, keep it to yourself...He had a good time and is learning ropes...JERK!
  19. ilovesprig

    November low

    Richard, Nice birds...Try leaving the skin on (pluck), filet, and fry in duck fat in a cast iron skillet...Bake for about 10 minutes,,,,Delish
  20. ilovesprig

    Ducks and a young pup

    LNW, Chocolate labs with spots are really cool ps...Looks like your GSP is liking the duck hunting game...Very nice...How's he been on upland?

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