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  1. sdolan617

    Welcome Hunter Jacob Kemble

    Congrats Sprig!
  2. sdolan617

    Tripod / Ballhead

    I've been running the Sirui VA-5 Fluid Head and tripod kit from GoHunt and am pretty happy with the quality/form factor for the price
  3. sdolan617

    Watch out! Boys got robbed in the IV

    Jeeze... no good deed goes unpunished. what scumbags
  4. sdolan617

    San Jacinto first timer

    As stated, Tom will sort you out - just let him know its your first time hunting San J
  5. sdolan617

    D16 tag soup!

    Tag soup in the 16 for me as well... unfortunately life and work got in the way in a major way this season but what can you do. Freezer full of antelope from a Oct UT hunt definitely helps softens the blow. Already looking forward to next season.
  6. sdolan617

    Dropping Bombs on Moms

    Stoked for you! Congrats on a memorable one for sure... memories that will last a lifetime.
  7. sdolan617

    Polska Kielbasa

    I’m running the Weston Realtree #8 grinder and Backyard Pro 5lb vertical stuffer. I’m actually had some issues with the grinder not working properly and am sending it back. Probably gonna spend the extra money and go with a LEM #8 or #12.
  8. sdolan617

    Polska Kielbasa

    I was a little skeptical too but no water intrusion. My instincts really wanted to toss them in a vacuum seal bag but in researching through the sausage/smoked meat meets forums a lot of guys seemed to swear by this method. It really doesn't seem to effect final product. When I was done the...
  9. sdolan617

    Polska Kielbasa

    Yes, sous vide... my electric smoker swings pretty wildly and didn’t want to risk liquefying the fat and ending up with crumbly end product, smoked till about 120-130 internal or ~3-4 hrs then into the water bath to a final temp of 154 which is consensus for food safety, then into an ice bath...
  10. sdolan617

    Polska Kielbasa

    Finally bit the bullet and invested in a decent meat grinder and sausage stuffer. Decided to give them both a test run with a 5lb batch of Polska Kielbasa using this year's UT antelope (mixed with some pork). Results well exceeded my expectations. Loosely followed a hybrid of Hank Shaw's recipe...
  11. sdolan617

    Tree stand etiquette.

    Not saying its right or wrong but I wouldn't be comfortable doing it.... Would feel like cheating off somebody else's test
  12. sdolan617

    Found my Mojo.

  13. sdolan617

    GAIA GPS maps

    I run both. GAIA's web interface is pretty slick and I really like the ability to plan routes for navigating offroad. I also like their topo maps and its easier than ONX to download large areas for offline use. I bought a cheap Samsung tablet to run it in the truck with an 8" screen and am...
  14. sdolan617

    got my first Quail today!

    Congrats - first one is always the hardest...
  15. sdolan617

    2020 Arizona Couse hunt.

    Stud buck... Congrats!
  16. sdolan617

    Arizona Buck

    Nice buck, congrats!
  17. sdolan617

    12 year old daughter shot her first buck.

    Bravo - proud dad I'm sure!
  18. sdolan617

    Tagged out in California

    Hell of a buck, well done!
  19. sdolan617


    Congrats, way to make it happen!

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