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  1. sdolan617

    Polska Kielbasa

    Finally bit the bullet and invested in a decent meat grinder and sausage stuffer. Decided to give them both a test run with a 5lb batch of Polska Kielbasa using this year's UT antelope (mixed with some pork). Results well exceeded my expectations. Loosely followed a hybrid of Hank Shaw's recipe...
  2. sdolan617

    UT Doe Antelope Hunt Report

    *Obligatory Gary long-post warning. Skip to the bottom for the TLDNR* Most people would probably say I'm crazy for driving 7+ hours to try fill a doe antelope tag and they're probably right. However, after missing out tags I thought were sure things in Wyoming and Arizona, it sounded like a fun...
  3. sdolan617

    What's your non-popper dove recipe?

    Nothing says labor day weekend like a batch of good old dove poppers hot off the traegar. Poppers are obviously on the menu for this weekend but I'm looking to do a little experimenting. What's your non-popper dove recipe? I tried Hank Shaw's General Tso's Pheasant obviously subbing dove for...
  4. sdolan617


    CRPA SECURES VICTORY IN MAJOR DUNCAN V. BECERRA COURT CASE Get those credit cards ready, potential Freedom Week 2.0 incoming... 60rd drum mags back on the menu :joy:
  5. sdolan617

    Wyoming Draw Results

    Anyone get lucky? I struck out... should have been shoe in for a 2nd choice speed goat tag in the special. Time to rearrange my Fall out-of-state hunting schedule i guess.
  6. sdolan617

    IV Consolation Prize

    Had some free time last weekend so I decided to head to the IV and chase some quail. Never did find the X, the only covey I spotted was in a posted field, but was happy to score some rabbits for the dinner table. Tried a riff on Hank Shaw’s cacciatore recipe tonight and it was definitely a crowd...
  7. sdolan617

    Stolen Turkey Hunting Gear

    Some POS got into my garage and made off with most of my turkey hunting gear among other things. Luckily all my high-dollar stuff was in the house but still sucks. I know its a long shot but if anyone happens to see someone trying to offload the following locally, please let me know: Alps...
  8. sdolan617

    Arizona Bonus Point Field Day

    FYI AZ DFG just added an additional class for March 24 for those looking to get the permanent bonus point. Spots open but they fill up quick Name:Arizona Bonus Point Field Day Status:Registration Open Link Calendar...
  9. sdolan617

    San Felipe WA Oakgrove Unit - DFG Quail Hunt

    Got drawn for the San Felipe WA Oakgrove Unit - Quail Hunt (10/20) as part of the DFG Special Hunt Program. Was wondering if anyone whose taken part in these special DFG wild bird hunts and had any info on what to expect. I've did a DFG planted pheasant hunt a while back where there were a...

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