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  1. DirtHunter

    Nevada is done

    Me and my buddy have a party app for deer. Our first time, we'll see what happens.
  2. DirtHunter

    NNWTF meeting 4/27/21

    I missed it too :( I'll shoot for next month
  3. DirtHunter

    NWTF Monthly Meeting....4-27-21

    Sadly I will not be able to make it, I have a huge software project I have to deploy for Chipotle to ensure they have a good Cinco De Mayo, I'll try for next month.
  4. DirtHunter

    NWTF Monthly Meeting....4-27-21

    That makes two of us.
  5. DirtHunter

    Moderna vaccine:(

    I had my first Modera shot a month ago, no problems getting my second shot Wednesday, it makes the wife happy
  6. DirtHunter

    D13 hunters?

    There is Deer there and like @Revo2811 said you have to get away from the crowds, opening day is busy
  7. DirtHunter

    Turkey Opener this Saturday...2021

    Thanks Mark
  8. DirtHunter

    Turkey Opener this Saturday...2021

    @ilovesprig , I heard in San Diego County you can only hunt turkey till 4:30 pm. Is that true? I thought you would know. BTW going out Tuesday morning :)
  9. DirtHunter

    March 23rd NWTF monthly meeting

    I missed the meeting and wanted to go. Work got in the way. heading down to San Diego next Tuesday, to hunt for some gobblers.
  10. DirtHunter

    Wireless Trail Cams

    For the Spypoint cams, there is a inexpensive booster antenna that works pretty good Bingfu 4G LTE Outdoor Wall Mount Waterproof Antenna SMA
  11. DirtHunter

    SoCal Spring Turkey Tune-Up...March 6th

    Being the last shooter before the raffle. Thanks Mark for all the help. It was an awesome time. My buddy John I might have convinced to join the San Diego NWTF
  12. DirtHunter

    Wireless Trail Cams

    I have a spypoint link-micro camera that works pretty good, I'll buy an aftermarket antenna to boost my signal at times.
  13. DirtHunter

    NWTF monthly meeting.

    I'm not going to be able to make it Tuesday. I will be coming down for the Turkey Tune up with a couple of friends though.
  14. DirtHunter

    Biden Gun Registration Could Cost $800/yr

    I lost all my guns in a boating accident :angery:
  15. DirtHunter

    1/27 @ SJ, first time ducking

    Yes I know this is a week late but work has been kicking my @$$. I got reservation #13 for January 27th, my buddy John who has hunted for over 30 years, had the decoys. He had not duck hunted in ten years so the decoys were over ten years old. He also gave me a 15 year old pair of waders. We got...
  16. DirtHunter

    SoCal Spring Turkey Tune-Up...March 6th

    That looks awesome, I will be there and see how many other people I can bring with me,
  17. DirtHunter

    National Wild Turkey Federation. January 2021 meeting

    I was also unable to make the meeting, I was getting ready to go on my first duck hunt.
  18. DirtHunter

    So Cal trout fishing

    Th There is fishing at mile Square park? I know of the archery range
  19. DirtHunter

    Welcome Newbies!

    Leonard, Mile Square Park has a free public archery range that is pretty nice also.
  20. DirtHunter

    First duck hunt @ SJ

    no dog, My buddy has waders, and a couple dozen decoys, he has been waiting to go duck hunting again. I am reading the rules this weekend to make sure I know them. I'll update the Thursday afterwards :)

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