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  1. Crosman999

    Dark Harbor Night Fishing

    Hey guys, been awhile since I've posted. I've been doing lots of hunting and filming but haven't been roaming the forums that often. Things are off to a great year, getting married and have a baby due in early September. Few days ago I got out with a buddy of mine to do some night fishing in the...
  2. Crosman999

    Tikka T1x Varmint Hunt

    Hey guys, Spent some time out in the field filming a few locations with a good friend of mine. Would have liked to film more with this excellent platform but was limited with time. Some Ground Squirrels got hit pretty bad. Most all the shots are beyond 200+ yards. Enjoy
  3. Crosman999

    Bunny down

    Hey guys, been trying to stay as busy as I can. With all the b.s going on it's been difficult to get out. Ended up taking down a Cottontail the other day at 115 yards using my .25 cal with 34gr slug. We ate well and had a great few days away from home.
  4. Crosman999

    Tree Squirrels?

    Getting mixed direction as far as parts of Fraizer Park area. Regs look as though Kern county is legal but other sources list east of the 5. Any experience welcomed.
  5. Crosman999

    Two day Adventure

    Headed out into the mountains for a few days of hunting and cooking with a few friends. Hope some may enjoy the footage of the trip.
  6. Crosman999

    Eastern Sierra's Trout Catch &Cook

    Headed up into the Eastern Sierra's with my dog Marley and my good friend Mike. Over two days we fished some remote and rugged creeks. What a fantastic trip we had, hope some may enjoy the footage. ☺️
  7. Crosman999

    Did some exploring

    Ended up having a few days to burn so went camping. The first place I went was terribly hot and had nothing alive other than a Bobcat that's illegal to hunt now. Decided to go visit and old stomping ground, ended up getting a Jackrabbit and found a cool place to camp. Enjoy the footage!
  8. Crosman999

    Short Cottontail/Jack hunt with Marley

    Decided to take the little angel of death out for another day of hunting in-between reviews. Enjoy the footage!
  9. Crosman999

    No more hunters Ed follow up class?

    Hope that someone can clarify? Someone I know recently asked if he could tag along on one of my hunts. I asked if he had a hunting license, he said no. I told him he needed to complete hunters Ed. He did the online portion and to my surprise tells me today he got his license. Something sounds...
  10. Crosman999

    Prairie Dog Opener

    Hey all, Just got back from spending three days in the great state of Arizona. Over the years I have had many opportunities to hunt Prairie Dogs but none of the circumstances ever worked out till now. I reached out to my good friend Ben who I knew would make an excellent host to myself, Marley...
  11. Crosman999

    Two day varmint hunt

    Headed out to film for a few videos over two days. A few friends showed up to join Marley and I. Here is the video of our two days of blasting Ground Squirrels and Jackrabbits.
  12. Crosman999

    Arizona Tree Squirrel Hunt,camp,cook

    Hey all, been busy as can be filming all kinds of different hunts. I have always wanted to film a tree squirrel hunt so decided to load up the truck and head into AZ with Terry and Marley. We were hosted by a few good friends and had a fantastic trip. Here is the video of our adventure I hope...
  13. Crosman999

    Varmint Bipod

    Hey guys, hope everyone is staying healthy and safe through all this. Last year I went to visit Accu-Tac bipod factory for a tour and to discuss an idea I had for a bipod. I love the products but unfortunately the typical style short bipods were not super useful to me in the field. I have some...
  14. Crosman999


    Hey guys, hope everyone has had a good week and staying safe. I have been super busy with reviews and gone in the field more than I'm home. This past week I spent two days "glamping" in the big rig with my better half and the two dogs. I received a new rifle so thought I would put it through...
  15. Crosman999

    .357 Beaver Hunt in Patagonia

    Hey guys, here is a pretty unique hunt that I wanted to share from my good friend Claudio. Claudio is a 39 year old native to Chile that has enjoyed hunting with Airguns for over 19 years and is the past winner of the Extreme Benchrest. He is what you may call an extreme hunter in my eyes and...
  16. Crosman999

    Cold weather scouting trip

    Hey guys, Marley and I just got back from another adventure. This time the weather was just awful but we were just happy to be out of the house. I planned to test out a rifle and scout some new spots for varmints. I'm keeping with my commitment to get out once a week and to try documenting the...
  17. Crosman999

    Social Distancing Camping/Hunting?cooking Adventure (pictorial/video)

    Hey everyone, just wanted to share my most recent trip that Marley and I took into the remote mountains for two days. I had a bit of work to do on reviews so went ahead and documented our adventure the best I could through video. I know it's difficult for some to be able to get out in the field...
  18. Crosman999

    Few Adventures over the past weeks

    Hey everyone, hope you all are healthy and safe from these terrible times we have been having. I have been well and busy, not much for being at home so I have spent the majority of the past weeks in the field with Lindsey. We have been living partially up in the mountains out of our motorhome...
  19. Crosman999

    AZ Airgun Hunt

    On this trip we head to the beautiful state of Arizona to hunt a variety of varmints and small game. We set up our friend Rudy with the LCS Air Arms SK-19 .25 caliber for his first ever Air Rifle hunt. We use a variety of Airguns provided by Airguns Of Arizona. We plan to head back at a later...
  20. Crosman999

    Airguns into the West (video documentary)

    About a year ago I started doing some research for a scope camera to incorporate into my videos to capture some of the action on my hunts. Through some research I discovered a company called Tactacam, they build high quality cameras and film through scope mounts. I ended up reaching out to them...

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