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  1. invisible man

    And Again,There is One Less Turkey in the East County.

    Had a few gobbling at gray light, and a little while later I could see 2 Toms with hens so I thought I would lay low for a while. Calling every 45 minutes or so . 2 hours later i had these two guys show up about 300 yards down in front of me in the meadow . 15 or 20 minutes later I had them...
  2. invisible man

    A22 Buck

    Got this guy yesterday . He came by at about 8:00am with 2 does. He is as good as anything I have been seeing this season so I decided to take him. Wind was perfect, temp in the low 40’s, ground still wet from the rain made it easy to get in quietly.
  3. invisible man

    Young Boy Down

    Got in early and got comfortable. Just about grey light several birds started gobbling. They even gobbled really good on the ground for quite a while. So once they settled down a bit I yelped and had birds gobbling from behind me. A few more yelps and here they come down the hill fast. I had to...
  4. invisible man

    A-22 Buck

    Got this old Forky yesterday. He came by me a few times with a doe, and when he finally gave me a shot I put an arrow in him. Couldn't pass him up this late in the season.
  5. invisible man

    2 Birds for the Season

    It's officially over. It was Jake city at my spot this year. My kid said he wanted to give it a try so we went out on the opener and called in a stampede of Jakes. This guy gave him a clean shot so he rolled him at about 20 yards. Heavy Jake with about a 4" beard. Very fun to watch him kill his...
  6. invisible man

    D-16 / AO Euro Mount Is Finished

    Just picked up my D-16/AO Buck up from RandomShot. He is up on the wall next to his cousins. This is the 4th one John has done for me. Fast quality job. Thanks again John.
  7. invisible man

    Hand Gun Question

    I have not bought a hand gun in a long time. So do I need a gun safety cert to buy a new handgun?
  8. invisible man

    The Buck Drops Here

    After hundreds of pics and many hours of observation from the tree I decided I needed to move about a hundred yards down the wooded draw from where I was set up. So when Saturday came I got in early and circled way around and came in down wind and found a nice spot on the ground against an old...
  9. invisible man

    Gobbles All Morning

    I heard gobbles in three different places this morning. My favorite spot had 21 hens with 7 nice toms strutten all around them. The hills were nice and green the ponds are filling back up and water was perking out of the ground every where I went. Boy what a nice feeling. Populations are down...
  10. invisible man

    Not Funny At All

    I wonder if they know how they sound to us?
  11. invisible man

    D-16 Laguna Special

    My buddy Barney whacked this big guy yesterday. 45yrd shot. His first Laguna buck.
  12. invisible man

    Buck Down

    This guy came in with a lone Doe this morning. I was hoping for something a little bigger, but He is too good pass on in the last week of D-16. drilled him at about 28yds. He went about 30 yds and stood wobbling for a minute then calmly laid down and went to sleep. Im happy to have gotten him.
  13. invisible man

    American Pharoah

  14. invisible man

    2 More Days to Bag A Turkey

    We are in the final 2 days of the 2015 Turkey Season. I was at a spot last weekend and there were Toms gobbling in every direction at grey light and I passed on 3 nice Jakes at 18 yards. There was a very big Tom in the line up but the Jakes wouldn't let him near my hen decoy. I got 2 days, 5...
  15. invisible man

    Archery Shoot Speacial Event

    For anyone interested, Alpine Archery is having their monthly shoot and for a added bonus there will be a special 2 man team best arrow contest. You and your team mate guess the yardage, then you both shoot and you then count the best arrow of the 2. Should be a great time in the hills. You may...
  16. invisible man

    Early Bird

    Got there early and set up in a spot I seen birds fly down to a few days ago. As luck would have it they did and I got this guy strutting 18yds out in front of me. He came down with 2 hens another Tom. 22 lbs, 11" beard, and 1" spurs. Done early and back down the hill in time for breakfast.
  17. invisible man

    Happy B-Day Lungpopper

  18. invisible man

    7lbs Lobster Tail!!!

    To honor the Super Bowl and all its glory, Lungpopper eats a football sized lobster tail. Oh ya and vegetables. :-\
  19. invisible man

    Boogie Down With The AZ Boys

    You all know 1azbowhunter and Oneazbowhunter are pro guides for A-3 Outfitters in AZ. And when there work season winds down they do a little bowhunting for them selves. Well this season they invited me out to hunt with them. Boogie goes over every year for a week so I hitched a ride with him. I...
  20. invisible man

    Archers Roll Call!

    It seems like we have a ton of Bow Hunters on the site lately. How about everyone post up anything and everything you have taken with your BOW ONLY in 2014. Sad to say I have nothing to show, but I would like to see what you all have taken.

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