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  1. Josh Pearson

    Glacier NP.

    I am at Glacier now. Smoke in air most days but that is usual for this time of year. Saw 3 grizzlies and 1 black bear from the road inside the park. Like you said just buy the vehicle pass for 7 days and be in the park park before 6am if you can't get a "going to the sun road pass" reserved 2...
  2. Josh Pearson

    Old Pics of my Past with the wife.

    Those pictures look like a nice trip down memory lane. I hope you are hanging in there Lee.
  3. Josh Pearson

    F california

    I left California in June and spent the summer in Montana and Idaho. Currently hanging out in Utah until the weather pushes me south for the winter in New Mexico or Arizona. Best decision I have ever made!
  4. Josh Pearson

    I lost my wife she has passed to the next world

    Really sorry to hear this. My condolences to you and the rest of the family.
  5. Josh Pearson

    First Dove Hunting Gun and Location?

    Single shot 20GA back in 1994 in Yuma. It was in the orange groves not far from the border.
  6. Josh Pearson

    My Father passed today

    I am very sorry to hear of this. My condolences to you and the rest of your family. Please hang in there.
  7. Josh Pearson

    Lockdown is a farce.

    I truly believe that this is what is going on here. It is hard to accept that it has gone this far but it absolutely has. Trump 2020!
  8. Josh Pearson

    SheepHills was Blowin' Up Today! (Dirt Jump Pics)

    Sheep hills is the most famous set of trails for dirt jumping in the world. Bummed that I never made it up there back in my BMX days.
  9. Josh Pearson

    What is your age hunter , taking a poll

    36 and my age is finally starting to bother me lol.
  10. Josh Pearson

    Let's see those 1st turkeys

    This is my 1st and only turkey taken in 2014. SD Birds called this one in for me.
  11. Josh Pearson

    First gen FoxPro

    The Spitfire is the first electronic call I owned. Still use it as a back up to this day. They were $200 brand new and that Mojo Critter decoy is around $40 brand new. This is a great deal.
  12. Josh Pearson

    Jason Hairston passes away...

    Godspeed to a guy who was a true innovator.
  13. Josh Pearson

    Cancer sucks

    I am sorry you are going through this. I will pray for the family.
  14. Josh Pearson

    Dieter - The greatest dog of my life!

    John this is terrible to hear. I am very sorry for your loss. This is one of the reasons I am afraid to get a dog.
  15. Josh Pearson

    Yeti coolers breaks from NRA?

    I have posted Yeti's official statement below. If you read it you will see where they "reached out" and "offered something else" to the NRA. I am a firm believer that without the NRA we would have lost the 2nd amendment a long time ago but I do believe the NRA screwed up big time on this one...
  16. Josh Pearson

    The changes I’ve noticed throughout the years in D16

    Well said Steve I appreciate you posting that. You too Luke.
  17. Josh Pearson

    Nice boar...just wanted to share

    I think I recognize that spot. lol
  18. Josh Pearson

    Band-tailed Pigeon Report?

    I appreciate the replies guys thank you.
  19. Josh Pearson

    Band-tailed Pigeon Report?

    Just curious if anyone has any info regarding the current health of the local San Diego Band-tailed pigeon population? The last two seasons were pretty bad due to a die-off. Wondering if they have made a rebound or if the numbers are still down?

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