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  1. BCox

    Jagd puppy

    Looking for a Jagd puppy. Anyone know of puppies for sale?
  2. BCox


    I have a few hog backstraps and have no idea on how to cook them. Any suggestions?
  3. BCox

    Her First Time!!!!

    I finally got to take my daughter out for her first time hunting. We left San Diego @ 3:00 a.m on Friday. We arrive in Paso Robles around 9:00 after breaking the land speed record. We had a few hours to kill before her first BIG hunt. It's time, we met Chad from Oakstone Outfitters @ 2:00 and...
  4. BCox

    Oakstone Outfitters

    We went to Oakstone Outfitters this week to hunt hogs. We arrived on Wednesday mid day to get started. My nephew got one the first evening. The following morning at 5:30 I got this monster. Friday morning we were able to spot a group a long distance from us. We were able to get to about 200 yds...
  5. BCox

    Bitterwater Outfitters

    Has anyone ever been up to Bitterwater Outfitters to hunt? It seems they have a lot of different game to hunt, just not sure if we are going hunting at the zoo?
  6. BCox


    I'm looking to invest in some good hunting binoculars with a budget of no more than $500. Do you guys have any suggestions?
  7. BCox


    I a looking for a butcher in or near Lakeside, CA or a good recommended butcher. Any suggestions?