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    Mallard day

    Knocked 6 down and decided that was enough. Picture of 4 did not take picture of 6. Only 1 hen.
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    Duck trip with kids

    Went over saturday for some fun and hopefully a few ducks with the kids. Lots of laughs and a pretty good day.
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    Upper left 9mm 115 gr Upper right 45 cal 250-230 gr Bottom is all 38 cal 115-158 gr I have primers for large and small pistols. They may go to a friend but if not will offer here. All lead so best offer takes
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    Fight these gun laws

    Lawmakers in California are playing political games trying to pass legislation to tax law-abiding gun owners! Assembly Bill 1223, legislation to impose a new excise tax of 10% of the sales price of a handgun and 11% of the sales price of a long gun, rifle, firearm precursor part, and...
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    Larry or not
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    Round 2 Eurasians

    Went with a friend and had a good shoot.
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    Saturday hunt

    Did a little dove hunt and fishing .
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    Turkey hunting with kids

    Flashback 2 years ago. No turkeys were harmed but fun was had. As the season comes back around kids and I will be out looking or better yet just having fun
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    D16 3x3 with eyegaurds

    Finally came together today. First light with howling winds. Could not tell if shooter until about 25yrds from me about to make his get away when I get good look. Kapow 90gr copper ends his reign as progenitor of future non forky nation. .
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    Utah spike elk

    Hi Everyone been hunting cal last few years for everything that is legal and have had some success. but does anyone have any info on this hunt (Utah Spike elk). I am going to try my first out of state this year and we picked this one to start. Will be doing the draws next year but if we don't...
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    Bowtech Assasin

    Bowtech assasin $750 Comes with everything you need Release Arrows 18 gold tip 55/75 Black Gold 5 pin micro adjustment sight and the old sight included Fixed and Mechanical broadheads Hard case Quiver Draw set at 27 and weight is 60lbs these can be adjusted

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