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    Question for the Glass geeks out there..

    Gonna help #3:invest in his first spotter( tired of those cockblockers using all my shit.).he has his heart set on the vortex viper 20..60..85 HD...pros and cons?? I roll an old school Leupold...kid tells me I'm outdated..I tell him" look in the garage son".LOL.... Thoughts from the glass guys?

    Last day for general yard bird..

    Anyone..... Stevo??

    We had a visitor at the compound this afternoon...

    Blue had alerted me to this handsome fella...come ion October!!

    Turkey Nutts ..

    Oh Tommy what a night... Deliciousness!!!! Be one with the Gobble...

    And that's a Rap...

    Quick ending, had every intention of hunting this weekend, when the cockblockers are not take what you can get!!...pretty bird...gonna be prettier in the smoker ... Birded out...lord don't make me pick up the 257wby...please don't temp me....

    Are you serious???

    And these are Marathons too!!! Man you should see the door panel..LOL.. it's time for a new set im guessing....getting out of the truck in a hurry is not only exhausting....but expensive...

    Let's Do This Stevo!!!!


    Word from the big kid....

    Just got this this morning....wishing he was turkey hunting...proud of this large mammal...

    Little Jimmy Dumped a weirdo.,.

    Well...this just happened... very brother just sent me this... .gonna be a long weekend.. ugh .
  10. HATCHET1

    Mutant Culled...

    This dude was deformed...screwing up the perfect genetics of the turkey population on the 2acres... So he got it.. KAPOOW! Damn Twice beards are starting to take over...not on my watch!!!
  11. HATCHET1

    Pocket rocket..

    A Little far back for my likings... I tend to prefer that hot pill to be placed in front of the shoulders in the head, neck and throat area...they don't take a step...this bastard ran a good 50yds into the poison oak thicket like they always gross...
  12. HATCHET1


    Shoulda seen the other guy that snapped the pic....this old boy did some damage ..o_O
  13. HATCHET1


    Church tommorow fellas.....only missing the boy who is serving our Country..god bless that boy...I just stood there and did absolutely nothing as usual ..I'm exhausted...might hit it up tommorow for another yard Pimp....I hate California...these guide fees are Horrendous!!!
  14. HATCHET1


    Already getting a rash....
  15. HATCHET1


    Well...She is all grown up now with a Tom after her...hope he porked her . Cause Tom is getting a blast of #4 ..3inch steel 20 gauge come Saturday morning .be nice to see some offspring from this old bat in coming years...
  16. HATCHET1


    The name of this Drawing. Is Eye contact..those who's just about go time for this slob...he gonna bail..or if I'm there..throat patched.. Incredible artist..I think he may do birds for the bird guys also..
  17. HATCHET1 Texas...

    Absolute SLOB!! They don't get much bigger...ever..WOWZA!!
  18. HATCHET1


    This just in from my Lead intelligence officer...the hogs and turkeys are freeloading at granny's...time to go collect the the blood....I gotta pretty good idea where they will be at the end of our trip in 2 weeks...I'm gonna go with the "Freezer" for the win....I hate pigs..
  19. HATCHET1

    Flash back Friday..

    Guessing back in 86:eek:r ,7.... you know..when camo made a difference.....the hell hole...well before the truck fellas .. don't miss those days . exhausting...thank the Lord for those bushland pants....and the Remington pack frame from Walmart or big 5...still have it today...ahh yes .
  20. HATCHET1

    #2's Freak complete..

    Just finished up #2"s Coues from November....included is a little video of him making him dead for those that missed it... KAPOOW!! Smoked umm!!

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