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  1. SteveHazard

    SBE3, Ethos, M2?

    I shoot a plain black affinity and can say that I really think I should of gotten the camo. I've since dropped it in mud and water and despite my best efforts it developed some rust dust near the end of the barrel by the bead. The rust discoloration is so distracting and mentally unsettling that...
  2. SteveHazard

    Looking for another dog

    My GSP has defeated every single lidded trash can on the market short of the ones made for bears It's quite impressive actually.
  3. SteveHazard

    LA Times bear season editorial

    I've seen 7 different bears in a single day. Definitely not very many in CA, should stop the brutality.
  4. SteveHazard

    What is your favorite duck load?

    Kent 3" #4 1560
  5. SteveHazard

    Kifaru Duplex/Timberline

    LMAO! It's cause of the other Larry and his disclosure of .380 stories and such that Larry became a banned word and auto changes to Larry
  6. SteveHazard

    This one did not get away

    This hen tried her best to stay hidden but it was my girl Mina's first birthday and little pup was on fire and so was my shooting. We crushed these little cali topknots on Sunday and had 20 of em on the tailgate later that day so here's a cool screen shot from the action to enjoy.
  7. SteveHazard

    P 22 not doing well.

    Nobody holding a service for the one that FAFO with the train and got cut in half. *OMG why does that stupid article refer to mountain lions as endangered!
  8. SteveHazard

    Griner freed, Marine left behind!

    Different time. Look at the big picture. Russia probably asked us to stop being an "arms dealer" to Ukraine and got laughed out of the building. So they asked for this guy back. He'll probably go back to his old ways and be unalived at some point by a drone strike.
  9. SteveHazard

    Stranded Hunter Salton Sea

    11:30 at night... he probably tried quite a bit if he waited till then to ask for help and he may not of known how close he was, been exhausted, etc.
  10. SteveHazard

    Griner freed, Marine left behind!

    Before you all get all twisted about what occurred keep in mind that the Russians may not of been open to trading his release. He is a Marine, accused of espionage, and he's been there awhile... which indicates why haven't we been able to get him yet? Maybe the Russians aren't open to it. Their...
  11. SteveHazard

    Laguna Public Land Zoo

    I'm sorry but what's wrong with being or having your kid on somebodies trail cam? Why should that be a concern? I personally give a little wave to trail cams when I find them as a little I see you. Lets em know your not somebody that'll tamper or steal their cam. And while in most situations I...
  12. SteveHazard

    Coordinated animal poaching crew in Ventura County busted by Fish and Wildlife

    Just so their names are clear "E Bike Poaching Crew" Martin M. Bravo Martin Bravo Sr. Jaime Mendoza Avila Walfre Lopez y Lopez Gilberto Lopez Hernandez Cristian Lopez Perez DFW Vendor that reprinted tags for these pricks Juventino Reyes Guerrero Operating out of Lizette’s Market in...
  13. SteveHazard

    Tricer 25% off Black Friday Sale

    Thanks. Got some poles and lighters as gifts.
  14. SteveHazard

    WTS/WTT Tristar TT-15 Unsingle 12g trap shotgun

    Reducing the price of the TT-15 to $900
  15. SteveHazard

    This didn't end well.....

    Damn that's brutal but good for people to see.
  16. SteveHazard

    DIY woman shoots wolf pup......

    Us smart people would never make a mistake like that. We know how to keep our mouths and phones closed
  17. SteveHazard

    Lord....Give me Strength...

    After passing though the Vegas one countless times and being waved though they finally asked me their silly questions which I gave silly answers to. Where you coming from? East. Where you headed? This is the westbound side is it not? Open the back we want to see inside. The one time I'm...
  18. SteveHazard

    I've lost my best friend.

    Sucks they have to leave us
  19. SteveHazard

    Back from a bit of a hiatus

    The most common questions I got from new hunters regarding bird hunting for years were as follows: Where are you hunting? - Outside What choke are you using? - Whatever it says on the side of the barrel What size shot are you using? The stuff that was available/on sale The stuff that new...

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