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  1. sportyg

    Hunting Mentor and Buddy Needed ASAP!!!!!

    Recommend you get OnX or some other mapping program on you computer and phone.
  2. sportyg

    Productive morning on the bass

    Nice bass congrats. great photos. Is it a private lake looks not to large based on the back round in the photos.
  3. sportyg

    URGENT- San Jac and Wister Online Meeting May 30th! Get this out to All SoCal hunters!!

    Most people will be at work. I always attend the CDFW Commission meeting and there is never a large hunter/fishermen turn out. Always more anti's. The good thing is the commission always seems to be greatful for the sportsmen and women who do show at their meetings. As I've learned many of the...
  4. sportyg

    Land Corner Crossing

    He or she will if it helps make their conviction rate look good. As for me if it is not posted and one respects the property no they shouldn't. However if law says you can't then you can't.
  5. sportyg

    Utah Spring Bear

    beautiful color bear. Good read and photos. Congrats.
  6. sportyg

    New to Waterfowl, required gear vs optional gear?

    You should do great and based on your post you will get along great with your guide.
  7. sportyg

    You know you're getting old when.......

    looks like a great time was had by all even with no birds taken. Great photos as well.
  8. sportyg

    Eyes to do the walking

    I like them way better then my spotting scope they pull things in at long distances just great and have a large field of view.
  9. sportyg

    Eyes to do the walking

    Decided to let my eyes do the walking this year. Due to hunting turkey I was huffing and puffing walking up and down those hills and didn't even see a bird. Seeing how I a poor person and can't afford those high end binos I decided on these binos. Vortex 18X56 UHD binos.
  10. sportyg

    2022 4th Season Co Elk

    looks awesome
  11. sportyg

    Small critter, big fun

    Wait until more Californian people move there. Stock up while you can.
  12. sportyg


    looks like crazy hot fun coming his way.
  13. sportyg

    Looking for new 7mm rem mag

    Great rifle 7MM rem mag. I shoot a S&W 7mm mag. baby is dead on with the ranger finder scope I have on it.
  14. sportyg

    Regulation Updates
  15. sportyg

    DFWG Meeting

    Todays meeting starts at 2PM on Zoom hope to see some of you there.
  16. sportyg

    Small critter, big fun

    sweet looks like a lot of fun.
  17. sportyg

    Hunting deer in SoCal.

    Much better hunting on base then out on public land it is the way to go just more rules to follow is all.
  18. sportyg

    Salton Sea Litium on CBS 60 min

    Lots of local jobs that are not going to go to local residents. as for local wildlife impending doom.
  19. sportyg

    Guy on Jesse's hunting and outdoors has a Z2 for sale for 599. Didn't open post it due to he is...

    Guy on Jesse's hunting and outdoors has a Z2 for sale for 599. Didn't open post it due to he is not liked by some members here others visit both this and his site.
  20. sportyg

    Just "16" bucks over the years......

    Great photos u all

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