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  1. Big Jim

    First Dove Hunting Gun and Location?

    winchester model 12 30” barrel full choke I was 12 years old, dad said try this knocked me on my butt. Then he bought me a savage single shot 20 gauge. Good ol dogwood rd and new river
  2. Big Jim

    Great Day At Wister

    Aeon, How’s your area been doing, been a while since I have been there. Heading down this weekend With my floating blind.
  3. Big Jim

    Duck boat with long shaft mud motor

    Hey guys I have a 10’ valco with long shaft mud motor, the boat is very wide and stable. I’m 220 lbs and stand to shoot, it has 2 pedestal seats and 2 storage boxes built into the front and rear bench, it also has a PVC blind surrounding the boat, it’s pretty much a floating bush lol. Motor runs...
  4. Big Jim

    Dove opener awaits

    Walmart in murrieta and lake Elsinore have a bunch of 7 steel.
  5. Big Jim

    Black Friday

    We camp there every year since 1978, I usually hunt but this year I didn't see much at all. Went down to the last pond at the boat house at the end of the Chanel towards hidden shores for zero. Went up inside senator lake same thing. But caught a lot of fish and drug the boys back and forth from...
  6. Big Jim

    Black Friday

    yes sir, Golden eye by the ton, thanks for that, i couldn't identify them at dusk doing mach 1. it would be great if we could hunt senators wash.
  7. Big Jim

    Black Friday

    that back lake looks very familiar, we had thousands of ringers right at dusk flying over our motorhome right over the hill from you.
  8. Big Jim

    King of the ducks :)

    sweet, he had a good guide.
  9. Big Jim

    Duck Opner 2017

    well the area i hunted was on fire for some. i started away from the crowd and watched grass grow. did a quick move closer to the action. ended up with 2. Mallard and a teal. the balance of the area was very slow but for a few in their established blinds. sounded like work war 3. it was weird...
  10. Big Jim

    Good luck

    Boat loaded.... check, new palm leaves on the boat blind..... check. enough steel for a month..... check.( u would understand if you see my kill ratio within 20 yards LOL,) due to the weather shorts packed..... check. both benelli's packed..... check, license and stamps....... check, 2 lbs of...
  11. Big Jim

    yet another duck boat rebuild... kinda

    that thing is sweeeeeettt.
  12. Big Jim

    2017 Waterfowl season rapidly approaching

    yep, took out my floating blind with the long shaft, gonna be a busy opener on the ol pond, ill also be freelancing, see ya there. wister is holding alot of birds, ton of pintail. we should get a good shoot as soon as they start blasting.
  13. Big Jim

    2017 Waterfowl season rapidly approaching

    Hey thats my spot lol.
  14. Big Jim

    Dove hunting after storm?

    in my past hunts in the valley over the years the next day after a good storm the majority of whats left in the valley leaves and heads south. another thing to keep in mind are the dirt roads, they turn into a giant slip and slide, gets pretty scary paralleling a ditch bank or canal. i found out...
  15. Big Jim

    Hey there Steve, Big Jim here, my son and i are heading down in the morning, heading to the area...

    Hey there Steve, Big Jim here, my son and i are heading down in the morning, heading to the area i posted a couple years ago that was removed. lol. i think you remember the spot, any way were staying at the holiday inn off 4th, if your in the area give me a shout 951-970-9240
  16. Big Jim

    Dove season

    holy dove mass batman.
  17. Big Jim

    Bay bite

    damn, amazon doesn't sell them, these will be a welcome addition with my 2000 big hammers. lol
  18. Big Jim

    Last Week-End of Duck Season.

    as expected in the private area off the refuge for me was ok, my damn shells had holes right where the bird was flying, lol. ended up with 2 on saturday, the birds for some reason don't like the pond any more, Sunday for me was a bit better. captain put me in his area did better ended up with 5...
  19. Big Jim

    Look out a400 super black Eagle 3 is here

    love my Benilli Nova.
  20. Big Jim

    A day in the boat.

    at that point we had 8, this was around 10am,

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