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    Turkey Decoy spreads

    Thanks for the input! I’m trying to get my first bird and have a buddy with a decoy. Just trying to absorb as much info as I can. I appreciate it!
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    Turkey Decoy spreads

    Do you find hunting with decoys is better than without? I figure the decoy gives you a little room for error (movement, mistakes, etc) but people have been killing turkeys a long time without decoys.
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    Unknown munitions does coatings on actions. I believe they are in Idaho though.
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    Apache rifle case thoughts

    I have one and flown with it and drug it around all sorts of places. I ended up taking out quite a bit of foam, and using a soft case on my gun and then put that inside the hard case it’s a little hard to close that way but I the gun is in there solid. I’ve worked in the airline industry before...
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    CA 2024 Draw

    Time to cash in those points!!!
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    CA 2024 Draw

    When does the CA draw application open this year? I haven’t been able to find any dates?
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    Surf & Turf

    That looks rad! Montreal seasoning is a tough one to beat!
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    Got my new Garmin Xero C1 pro today

    Have you had any issues with it so far? I’ve been looking at these since they came out.
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    Best nonlead .22lr for bunnys

    Winchester has a lead free line that I use with my 17 HMR. I’m sure they have some 22lr as well.
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    Shotgun Ammo

    Thanks for the replies, I’ll give the ole goose loads a shot next time I’m out there and report back!
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    Own a 6.5crd. Should I consider a 7MM?

    I heard about it over on that other page and researched it quite a bit and from what I’ve seen, it’s a non lead bullet that acts like a lead bullet. I’ll order some up and shoot it to see how it groups. It’s about the same price as Barnes or other mono bullets.
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    Own a 6.5crd. Should I consider a 7MM?

    One hundred percent, I’ve lurked on that page for a few years just never joined. It’s a fantastic resource, just goes against everything the common person has been told about hunting. When you start telling people about it they look at you like you’re crazy. I’m looking at using a 223 with the...
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    Lead Free Ammo

    Thanks for the replies, if anyone else has some experience with other monolithic or lead free ammo it wouldn’t hurt to add to the post. More information to pass along good or bad results only helps us all out as hunters become more efficient. I saw some info on DRT lead free ammo today and saw...
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    Own a 6.5crd. Should I consider a 7MM?

    Someone’s been on rokslide
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    Shotgun Ammo

    What’s up guys! For shotgunning Yotes, what shells are you guys carrying to the stand? I’d like not to spend a crazy amount on the dead coyote shells. I hunt ducks and geese so I have some 3 1/2 BBB shells. Any recommendations?
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    Lead Free Ammo

    Hello Gentlemen, New guy here hopefully this post is in the right spot. Have a question for you guys who hunt big game here in CA. I’ve only hunted deer out of state and ducks in the IV. What bullets do you guys use? I know Barnes, ETips, Hornady, are all popular. I’ve seen some recent post...
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    Own a 6.5crd. Should I consider a 7MM?

    If you’re comfortable shooting out to 400 yards, the 6.5cm with a mono bullet will kill just fine. If you hunt out of state and use lead, your range just extended. Pick the bullet you want to shoot, find the minimum muzzle velocity that bullet expands and research your ballistic calculator to...
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    Utah application submitted

    Hope you have a great hunt! I love hunting up there with uncles and cousins but that point creep is killing me.

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