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  1. ilovesprig

    Deer Hunting in the San Gorgonio wildness area

    On another note.....The biologist (Kevin Brennan) for that area attends my super bowl party.....Great source of info. PS.....John Massie also attends the party.....The guy knows San Diego Co. like the back of his hand.....He's the reason we have turkeys.
  2. ilovesprig

    slow but fun day at wister

    Jason, It's brutal out there....Last Wednesday......o_O .
  3. ilovesprig

    Good day at the club

    Marcus, Very nice blue-winger.....They seem to be replacing our lack of spoons.
  4. ilovesprig

    NWTF Meeting Jan 22nd, 2019

    Dan, I will try have a partial list before the meeting.....Steve 007 has been the parking man.....This year with the lake going down rapidly, we should have plenty of parking below the event.....Might need help at the gate as well.....Thank you for stepping up.
  5. ilovesprig

    Reloading shotshells

    This link may answer some questions about TSS super shot .
  6. ilovesprig

    Deer Hunting in the San Gorgonio wildness area

    Cole, Welcome to SCH.....1st let your fingers do the walking.....OnX Maps, forestry maps, and BLM maps will give you a start.....Then fine tune with walks.....Good luck.
  7. ilovesprig

    NWTF Meeting Jan 22nd, 2019

    Hope to see a bunch of you newer turkey hunters this next Tuesday.....With all that has happened in the last week.....We will need your support more than ever.....Thanks and look forward to meeting you.
  8. ilovesprig

    slow but fun day at wister

    The beauty of Wister....4 different species and you didn't have a gadwall, pintail, or widgeon....The most common ducks these days. I was at Wister last week-end too.....No Bueno on more rain.....4x4 only and even then, it's a crap shoot. Congrats
  9. ilovesprig

    Got me some jewelry!!

    Congrats......You'll never forget that 1st band...…;)
  10. ilovesprig

    The cows are down in New Mexico

    Never a doubt...….;)
  11. ilovesprig

    Quail hunt and or coyote hunt

    Lee, Was there a date on that guzzler?.....That one has been repaired.
  12. ilovesprig

    Reloading shotshells

    I used to reload a lot when I shot trap (lead).....But at under $6.00 for low base steel shells from Wal-Mart, reloading isn't worth it IMO.....Buying steel reloading components in small quantities is costly. ps....A friend reloads TSS turkey loads and his cost is about $5.00 per...
  13. ilovesprig

    Trout being stocked locally. Good time to fish if you’re not water fowling

    Look at it this way.....It's over a 100 bucks just to go to Disneyland for the DAY!
  14. ilovesprig

    Great Books I read in the last year

    Jason, That is the 1st book I bought when I started waterfowling (still have it)…..The newer editiion like your is much better (I have it as well)…..Great book
  15. ilovesprig

    Trout being stocked locally. Good time to fish if you’re not water fowling

    Lee, You may have to take out a home loan.....$71.00+.....Un-frigging-believable!
  16. ilovesprig

    Live and Appreciate Every Day

    Had a tough week last week.....Cal Meier my hunting partner for 50 years (met at USC playing baseball) had a bad stroke last Monday.....He actually died Tuesday, but they brought him back....He's still alive and I actually talked to him yesterday.....Hoping for the best, but he is not in good...
  17. ilovesprig

    Dope on 22LR, but will be obsolete in Cali.

    Right on, John
  18. ilovesprig

    3 days 3 elk

    Congrats, Jake......Beautiful country.
  19. ilovesprig

    Hot Tips!

    Those tracks appear to be too big for a bobcat.....My guess it's lion tracks. .