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  1. longbowhunter2

    Wireless Internet..

    Thanks for the leads guys..
  2. longbowhunter2

    Wireless Internet..

    Lol I need it for my consulting biz. Need to email and transfer data.. Drawings , quotes and such...
  3. longbowhunter2

    My Bass Pro T shit

    Lol doing manual labor is getting me in shape.
  4. longbowhunter2

    "And STAY DOWN!!" - TheGDog and TrapLine - Puttin' a Serious Hurt on a Bitch!

    Trap use the rifle u are use to. That's why they make Tactical Scopes. Windage and elevation......
  5. longbowhunter2

    Wireless Internet..

    So give more info. I want to hook up wireless internet to desktop, and laptops..
  6. longbowhunter2

    Wireless Internet..

    Well I in a very rual area. No cable or dsl. That leaves 4g or satellite.. Any one has had luck with either? Uggg
  7. longbowhunter2

    Making .257 Great Again

    Nicely done Chris, So it's interesting round. So I don't know much about it. How does it compare with the 6.5cm And does it leave the 308 in the dust.. how about 243...
  8. longbowhunter2

    Sunday Humor

  9. longbowhunter2

    Corned Elk Sandies!

    Yum !!!!!!!!!!. Never tasted corned elk hash...
  10. longbowhunter2

    South OC Fishing 4.27 morning

    Good luck trap, I am a little pooped I worked Friday , Saturday, Sunday, today.. otherwise I love o go with you.
  11. longbowhunter2

    Check out this lion picture.

    To pita and every other posing animal lover... Who reads these post. And I Know you do. Save a lion Kill a deer It's very simple....
  12. longbowhunter2

    Check out this lion picture.

    Can I borrow this pic. I would like to post on Facebook, which I hardly go on any more. I want to freak out the tree huggers. Lol
  13. longbowhunter2

    Check out this lion picture.

    Once in a life time pic.. Post on Facebook.. Be like save a lion and kill a deer. Dumb , dumb Dumb people pass these laws....
  14. longbowhunter2

    Hide that decoy...

    Lol the elusive turkey . ;)
  15. longbowhunter2

    New Hunting Rig

    Way to go brother.. Nice looking truck..
  16. longbowhunter2

    Hunting muleys on public land, so. Cal

    Just look for lots of sign.. deer tracks and poop... Look for areas that look like they had a barn dance.. set your cameras there...
  17. longbowhunter2

    Birthday Bass

    Nice job, well done......
  18. longbowhunter2

    Sitka Blacktail..?

    What arrows you using there?. G per inch.. they look thick.. Nice kills there Ed..