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  1. ilovesprig

    Evening hunt

    Richard, How long does your dove season last.
  2. ilovesprig

    Hunting in D15

    'dog, F & W code reads a 150 yds from any occupied dwelling, outbuilding, or barn...Roads can not be shot on or over...There could be some county ordinances though...For instance, Imperial county has a law that says you can not shoot within 50 yds or any named county road or state hwy...I can...
  3. ilovesprig

    Hello from Alberta

    Yep Fred, Thought about Cal when that 1st mallard hit the deck...One of the last things he said to me was, he'd like to come up here one more time.
  4. ilovesprig

    Hello from Alberta

    The migration is on...Fields the last 2 days have been harvested as fast as farmers can do it and the waterfowl seem to know food a plenty is right around the corner. Talked to a farmer today that said some birds were eating in his unharvested pea field..."Duck Busters" to the rescue this...
  5. ilovesprig

    Little slow today

    Nice going, Richard...You had a great dove season.
  6. ilovesprig

    Hello from Alberta

    Robert, We're allowed 24 darks & 24 ducks (each) with wings left on crossing back into Montana...Right now, we've shot 27 darks, 32 ducks...The 2 specks & ducks have been eaten...Farmers went from not liking it, to loving it...Lots of BBQ's, beer, fowl, and bacon ps...All these...
  7. ilovesprig

    Finally 15

    Great shoot, Markey
  8. ilovesprig

    Just sayin' Hi.

    Welcome Matty...Bunch of good guys over here...And some old friends too... :blush:
  9. ilovesprig

    Hello from Alberta

    Now this morning was more like the Canada we've learned to love...Scouted a pea field yesterday, and got permission...Watched till late, but after we cut willows, the birds were bumped from the field...Could have been an eagle, coyote or human (never a good thing). Set-up the new TangleFree...
  10. ilovesprig

    Last retrieve for Tia 9-12-19

    Bill, So sorry to here of Tia's passing....As a hunter and a lab owner, I know how you feel...Tough, but you can keep the memories and get the excitement of a new relationship with our hunting partners...Thinking of you buddy... :pensive:
  11. ilovesprig

    Hello from Alberta

    Well, what can I say...."You pay your money, and you take your chances" cousin and I have been here for 3 days and we've hunted one morning (yesterday)...In the southern part of the state, it was bone dry and the sloughs and ponds we normally hunt were dry...Fields were worked, but...
  12. ilovesprig

    Any birds off-limits?

    Meadow larks are dove like, don't shoot...Dowitchers are not Wilson's snipe...Black birds are black...SPARROW HAWKS are not doves (ask George W. Bush) ps...You can shoot starlings. pss...Invest in a bird ID book.
  13. ilovesprig

    Had a conversation with a big cat while scouting last weekend.

    Big cats hunt about a 50 mile radius...Just sayin'... ;) ps...Probably smaller in SoCal.
  14. ilovesprig

    Trail Cam Stolen

    These have to be anti/anifica types...But NRA members are the terrorists
  15. ilovesprig

    OH MAN...

    Damn that looks good..... :yum
  16. ilovesprig

    Spring Snow Geese

    Nice boat, Tom...Still plan on coming down to get that Osceola...Would like to give those San Carlos gobblers another whirl too.
  17. ilovesprig

    Had a conversation with a big cat while scouting last weekend.

    Amazing...I still have never seen one in the wild, while hunting (or fishing)...60 years in the woods of California....Or any other state too. ps...Talked to my buddy today in New Mexico (outfitter & houndsman)...He's killed 13 so far this year...His elk herd around his place has more than...
  18. ilovesprig

    D16 Archery Success

    Nice going, Barry...The crossbow did the job...Great having a son-in-law that helps out with the kids going along...Great story & pix.
  19. ilovesprig

    First Hunting Rifle Suggestions

    A voice of reason.... :blush:
  20. ilovesprig

    SoCal Deer with ticks.

    Why?...You're spraying the hide, not the meat, BEFORE you start skinning...Meat is also washed thoroughly after skinning on the tree...And then again at the butcher's.