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    2.5 day trip out of point loma landing

    Had a last minute opportunity to join a private party charter last few days. Out Thursday eve, back Sunday morn. Scratchy on Friday, but Saturday made up for it. Object was to fill the boat with meat, so no trophies, but fun trip nonetheless. 130 YFT, 3 BFT, 1 YT I landed 3 on the deck, lost at...
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    Practice makes... better..

    After things cooled off this afternoon went to the archery range / backyard to get some slings in.... Getting better. Try to get at least 1 good session in per weekend. Damn bunny in the pic didn't even tweak an ear to arrows flying 4' above it's head. All of me not to take it out.
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    AZ 2019 Archery Only OTC Deer Camp (and possibly Javelina)

    Watched a Newberg video and got me thinking. Kicking around an idea, seeing if any interest in the SCH community. Rent a ranch house; Airbnb etc... Get a group together to split the costs hunt for 3 - 4 days ish. Use the house as a base camp.
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    #Project Elk documentary

    Just caught this last night on Netflix or Amazon, forget which one. Believe it has been out for awhile. Good data and viewpoints shared. enjoyed it.
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    Rifle break in procedure...

    picking up the NWTF 'winning' arsenal from Turner's this afternoon. Plan to hit the range this week. Interested in thoughts on break-in procedure. Ammo type consideration? Will eventually be using lead free, but what is best for break-in? Shotguns have the same consideration for break-in...
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    Late to the Turkey season, but better late then never

    decoys arrived. As often happens, life has gotten in the way, so have not been able to get out and scout much less hunt for turkeys yet this season. Plan is to go this weekend. Gives me a couple weeks with shotgun, and then couple weeks archery only left for the season.
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    Advice on tags, specifically D16

    applying for this years hunting license and deer tags for D16. Looking for advice on how to go about it. Ideally would like to start with the A22, archery tag and then open rifle season D16. But both are restricted, so in going through the process the online system would only allow me to apply...
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    Western Outdoor News

    At my local Turners picking up 30rd p mags that are legal for sale until 5pm tonight. check out the mags at the register and who is staring back....
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    Bowhunter Education Program Starting on April 13, 2019, at 7:30am at Escondido Fish and Game range in Escondido, CA.

    20 some odd seats left for those that are interested. -Robert
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    'Zombie' disease could be spreadable to humans - CWD walking dead soon to be seen in a town near you...
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    Legacy of a Whitetail Deer Hunter

    so.. watched this last night on Netflix…. the one w/ josh brolin.
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    So other then being non-fashionable and I guess semi-tacky, any particular reason to have 1 camo type on you during a hunt. Been picking up gear left and right, and I have all sorts of patterns going on; Mossy Oak Cypher Verde 2.0 Kryptek Real tree etc... Do the hunted really notice if you have...
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    Tuscon Jan 21-25th

    Off hand chance right now that I might be joining my wife as she has a work trip January 21-25th to Tuscon AZ. And then back again in Chandler AZ 3rd week in February. She suggested I go with and hunt while she works..... well, okay, if you twist my arm, I guess. Have not even done any research...
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    Brand New Mystery Ranch NICE 6500 Backpack - $500 (UTC)

    Not mine, but as seen on craigslist. -Robert
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    santa stopped by a little early and dropped off a stocking stuffer

    10/22 carbine all weather model. From Santa to Me. Going to have to gift wrap it and act surprised come Christmas Morning :) -Robert .
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    Black Friday / Cyber Monday Binos!

    Anyone find any good deals out for quality glass? Taking advise from other posts and burying my gun and accessory buying habit to focus on a semi-quality pair of bino's. anyone run across a deal too good to pass up? $300-500 range. Thanks, -Robert
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    GAMO Bone Collector Hunter .22 Breakbarrel Air Rifle - big 5 on sale for $200

    Worth picking up for a first entry level small game / varmint gun? -Robert
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    D16 Iron Mountain Poway/Ramona

    So convinced the wife to go early morning hiking tomorrow morning.... (scouting for me) With that said, she picked iron mountain. Sure some of you are familiar with this. Looked in OnX Hunt and appears halfway up the trail it turns to public land? Is this correct? Deer hunt zone per OnX City of...
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    San Diego D16 Noob

    Long story longer, as they say.... Had a neighbor 10+ yrs ago that was from Finland, huge hunting fan, all the gear and know how. Got me interested then, spent a season or two hunting duck at Lake Cuyamaca and 5 stand trap shooting at the range. Had a blast, He since moved to Texas and my...