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    SD BLM Open for recreational shooting

    Thanks for sharing! Time to sight in the new Turkey shotgun for spring. Got 3 different loads to try out. Oh, and the 300 win mag!
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    Will California learn from Idaho?

    Social Tolerance, Opinion, & Ignorance now and has been the driving factor in our states policy making. Unfortunately; truth, facts, experience, and science take a backstage to what drives votes in this state.
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    cool zak! Does that world's largest box call actually pivot?
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    LIVE HUNT - Whitetail Extravaganza

    just plain RAD!
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    Congrats mark!
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    In denver this week, unfortunately for work and not hunting. Will miss this one. Enjoy ya'll.
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    nothing to see here... carry on.
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    Had a conversation with a big cat while scouting last weekend.

    Darwin Award winner right there.... Be glad nothing happened (as far as I know) or else the family would have sued the zoo for millions because for some reason idiocy and ignorance is a national past time nowadays.
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    Can't make this week, out of town on business this week. Catch ya next time.
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    Love this! On the bucket list for sure! Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    Hello from Alberta

    Good stuff Steve! So, what's the rules/regs on bringing that meat back into the states... and then into CA for that matter?
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    Any birds off-limits?

    Not to be racist, but they all look the same to me, stuffed with jalapeno and cream cheese and double wrapped with bacon!
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    Nice afternoon

    Rough life Mark, but I guess someone has to do it... :)
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    Banded Doves

    Dude, play the lottery tonight!
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    San Francisco Board of Supervisors declares NRA a Domestic Terrorist Organization

    oh my... and the ratchet on the noose tightens another click on our Constitutional Rights in Cali. 2nd amendment, and never mind Freedom of Speech. Absolutely fits the narrative and strategy of the left. They are the smartest dumb people ever!
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    Dove = Fun

    Ya, that and a likely divorce... she has been plenty patient, but that would likely be the breaking point. Guys I hunted with all had 20g montefeltro's. Nice guns, those...
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    Dove = Fun

    Good stuff Jason! Good to see you and Dan at it. I kept meaning to hit you guys up and grab lunch or dinner while we were out there, but time just got away from us... That and grabbing naps mid-day. SBE3 looks good! -Robert
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    I’m back in Cali...Dove opener

    Good for you guys, good shooting. Sounds like you got out of having to sit in that oppressive heat, by 10 it was pretty much unbearable!
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    Dove Opener weekend

    Remington, it was good to see y'all out there that Saturday afternoon! Good pics, good times! -Robert
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    Hello from Montana...2019

    Almost missed the lawn ornaments bedded down in the grass yard.