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  1. Jason

    San Felipe Wildlife Area hunt

    Went out to the SFWA today for the CDFW draw hunt. Unfortunately I didn’t get to even get a shot off. Only seen 2 doves that where to far away. When I was leaving I was told only 4 doves where taken but there was still a couple hunters still out there. I did go up into the 2 canyons looking for...
  2. Jason

    Shotgun advice

    After the first time I can tell I am addicted, Dove is like the gateway to wanting to hunt everything else (and in the junkie kind of way, seriously hunting it all I think about now). I am considering picking up a new shotgun before the cooler months arrive for dove, quail, and pheasant. The...
  3. Jason

    Got 4 for the 1st time to Imperial County.

    Made it out there before sunrise. Had a great time. Just got hot and humid. 1st time to Imperial Valley and 1st ever getting dove. Thank you to everyone for your advice and the great tips. I really appreciate it. .
  4. Jason

    Questions about dove hunting

    So I am a total newbie, and have been a little discouraged from the way people respond on social media when a new guy ask's a question. I am not looking to be blasted for my inexperience or ask anyone for their secrete spot, and am told this is a good place to ask for advice without that. I...
  5. Jason

    Newbie to it all !!

    Hello everyone, I just want to introduce myself. My name is Jason, 45, live in Rancho Cucamonga and I am new to hunting. I have been shooting since the age of 7 and have always wanted to hunt, just don't know any hunters. I have my hunter education card and I realize its late in the season and...