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  1. Snake Charmer


    Where ?
  2. Snake Charmer

    Gdog come back......non of us like Gav........

    I have my own opinion and I'll keep it to myself. This forum belongs to everyone who participate's in a way that helps other's.....
  3. Snake Charmer

    California: Anti-Hunting Legislation Up Tomorrow in Committee!

    Done, stupid people..
  4. Snake Charmer

    Fun weekend

    Saw some today on my way to the IV to get birds. My read is they are close because of the water source's near the roads.
  5. Snake Charmer

    What restaurant did you eat your first meal.......inside.....

    Be careful Darryl , lots of not so smart people in MB.. Just sayin...
  6. Snake Charmer

    What restaurant did you eat your first meal.......inside.....

    Cal, Coming up to Eldorado county at the end of June to train dogs on snakes where you live. I have to stay in a hotel in Cameron park but I hear you folks have done a good job so I will watch out and stay safe while I do my work.
  7. Snake Charmer

    What restaurant did you eat your first meal.......inside.....

    Haven't cut my hair since the late 80's, Feeling lucky because of that these days because so much of our lives have been affected lately. Not sure I will go into a eating establishment any time soon. I miss it but I don't want to be part of the problem even though I need to interact with the...
  8. Snake Charmer

    Lost my favorite hunting partner - Dad

    Both my folks are gone I know your pain, Sorry for your loss...
  9. Snake Charmer

    lets see your short toe long coat water spaniel pointing euro dog do this !!!!!!!

    Don't get me going , I love all hunting dogs and am willing to help owners train them all. Granted, gun dog bloodline bred Labs are good (best water dogs forever for sure because of their paddle feet). But compared to a versatile a dog you have not seen anything when they are on their game and...
  10. Snake Charmer

    Pack Reccomendation

  11. Snake Charmer

    Cali News..

    Big Raid ! Not ! just more biased propoganda from the left designed to make people think that firearms are bad.
  12. Snake Charmer

    Pack Reccomendation

    I run Eberlestock but Kuiu and Mystery ranch are good stuff. My step son is air force eod and they run mystery ranch. Checked his stuff out when he was here last and it looks good. BTW his night vision gear which he let me try was amazing it turns pitch black into daylight. I feel good when our...
  13. Snake Charmer

    water witching

    Seen it happen , it works ....
  14. Snake Charmer

    Sous Vide Boar Ham/Roast

    Drew , sous vide, You have gone to another level. That is a degree of cooking that takes knowledge and skill. I agree wild game and sous vide is the way to go with lean meat as it preserves flavor along with moisture. Good on you. Please give us the formula. This will work with waterfowl as well...
  15. Snake Charmer

    lets see your short toe long coat water spaniel pointing euro dog do this !!!!!!!

    I just finished a black pointing lab for a client, it is one of the nicest dogs I have had the opportunity to train in quite awhile. His prey drive and intelligence are over the top along with the fact he does nothing slow every command elicited a full throttle response. The level of desire and...
  16. Snake Charmer

    Snake Avoidance

    Yes it is contact the host using the information provided on the calendar
  17. Snake Charmer

    Snake Avoidance

    I was supposed to do one in San Clemente today but the virus thing caused my host to postpone . I'm still doing the training at my ranch on a one on one basis and also making house calls around San Diego and Riverside county. I can be reached at High On Kennels at 760 782 0728 or...
  18. Snake Charmer

    urine test

    Alzheimere's suck's, I know it....
  19. Snake Charmer

    rocky mountain oysters

    I remember going to New Mexico every year in the late 60's and early 70's to my mother's side of the families cattle ranch where they had been since the spanish conquest and land grants from the late 1700's. The spring time round up was a gathering/social event of the local cattle owners in the...
  20. Snake Charmer

    How many days per year do you spend in the field?

    I might add I never cheated on the women of the moment who were at hand and always promised that and kept it sacred I just could not leave what drew me to the natural world and kept me balanced in every other way. My current wife was the biggest relief to me because I did not want to be alone...

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