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  1. Snake Charmer

    Lion Question ?

    Anyone want to comment on the international media coverage of the lion kill in Zimbabwe the other day ?
  2. Snake Charmer

    carp fishing the santa monica mountains

    Hey folks, I am working with a conservation organization up in the Santa Monica mountains (Calabasas /Malibu area), they're mission is to restore the habitat and remove invasive species. Currently they are removing carp from the streams up there and are looking for some bow fishers that would...
  3. Snake Charmer

    26Nosler what do you think ?

    OK Let the debate begin, I'm a 7 Mag guy but I gotta say for what I do (and who cares about barrel life you can buy another barrel next week) this may be the best western cartridge ever produced ! Bring on the opinions ! I'm listening but with tainted ears...
  4. Snake Charmer

    Small Munsterlander pup for sale

    one of our female Small Munsterlander's had a litter of four pups on May 1st we have one male left, the dogs are out of a couple of really good bloodlines, This breed is known as versatile breed as they can be trained to do anything from upland to waterfowling to tracking big game. They are an...
  5. Snake Charmer


    Any body want to offer a thought or opinion on what happened yesterday ? I'm stunned and disappointed..
  6. Snake Charmer

    Rattlesnake aversion training returns to SD county

    Don't know if anyone heard, the SD county board of supervisors voted today and approved to allow rattlesnake possession for aversion trainers (given that you meet the insurance and business requirements,) what that means is that if you live in SD county as of January 1st 2013 it is not only...
  7. Snake Charmer

    Poacher caught on camera

    Went to check my cameras yesterday afternoon while waiting for the turkey to cook and discovered pictures of a two legged predator and his dog trespassing. Not sure who he is but I'm going to show it around and see what I can find out.
  8. Snake Charmer

    Kitty fest

    The deer are just beginning to show again after the long tail went through the other week (still nothing worth shooting). The bobcats on the other hand appear to be out in force.
  9. Snake Charmer

    outside the kitchen window

    Here's a pic from last spring looking out my kitchen window, That time of year we get what I call super flocks where I have seen as many a couple hundred hens flocking with the toms following them around strutting, Once the hens start to mate the flocks break up a bit but we still dozens at a...
  10. Snake Charmer

    Last years deer

    Here's a pic of my wife's deer from last season, we take turns and only shoot one a year. We have a no forkies rule as well, hoping this will help the local herd gain some maturity and numbers.
  11. Snake Charmer

    Where did the deer go? Uh Oh...

    Went to check my cameras after being gone for about twelve days thinking they'll be loaded, first camera five pics huh? second camera 8 pics better but not like before I left. third camera 3 pics hmm.. fourth camera uh oh...
  12. Snake Charmer

    New Mexico deer hunt

    Spent last week helping a buddy (Just My Game) with a deer hunt on private land. We spent five days hunting and found about forty deer of which about one third were bucks. Not knowing the quality of deer on the ranch we let a big five by five walk on the first evening which would turn out to be...
  13. Snake Charmer

    rattllesnake aversion training moves ahead

    The SD county board of supervisors voted today to move ahead with the ordinance change that will allow aversion training to return to SD county. The Humane society tried to stop it but we prevailed. One more vote in Dec and the folks of SD county will be able to have their dogs trained again...
  14. Snake Charmer

    Double fawn does

    I've got three does up here this year that are escorting two fawns apiece, anyone else seeing this kind of deer production where they scout?
  15. Snake Charmer

    No more rattlesnake aversion training for dogs in San Diego county

    As you may or may not know rattlesnake aversion training for dogs has come under fire from animal rights activists in San Diego county, earlier this year a complaint was registered with San Diego county animal services regarding the use of rattlesnakes to train dogs to avoid, the complaint was...
  16. Snake Charmer

    94 years old and he kills his first turkey!

    My friend Vince Laberge, (WW2, Korea, Viet nam USAF pilot came up today and hunted with Ed Z from the tribune doing the calling, He scored his first turkey ever! 8) Vince is 94 and still has the fire in the belly pretty cool 8)...) He was as excited as any child or man I ever had the privelidge...
  17. Snake Charmer

    junior hunters first kill

    We had Ed Zieralski from the Union Trib up to the ranch this weekend guiding a junior hunter, They got skunked the first day after my kook neighbor harassed them from across the fence and scared the birds off so they came back this morning and put a tom on the ground in less than 45 minutes. 8...

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