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  1. Aeon

    Axil hearing protection Review

    what? yeah that is what i am trying to stop. I have tried quite a few electronic solutions and some have been so so and others have just sucked. The best so far is my pro ears muffs. They do exactly what they are supposed to but it comes with the bulk of the muff. They are also not water proof...
  2. Aeon

    Did anyone get drawn for anything good in calif?

    sooooo not one person i know got drawn for anything cool. no x zones, no elk , no nada? anyone get something cool and keeping it quiet? maybe its like the wister draw system and the fix is in???
  3. Aeon

    On this memorial day

    On this Memorial day take time to think about the ones that gave everything. Hoist a glass as we bbq or hang out with family or friends. Tell a story about someone you knew that fought for what we believe in. Read a story about a fallen warrior to a young person. This day is a somber day of...
  4. Aeon

    crazy sale over at midway on scopes

    not a huge fan of sightron but this is a good deal!!!!
  5. Aeon

    lets see your short toe long coat water spaniel pointing euro dog do this !!!!!!!

    LABS RULE.... game over. stole this from fb in the trials group and i cant stop laughing at the dogs eyes as it slides past
  6. Aeon

    silver labs for sale

    just got a fresh litter of silver labs. no papers but boy they can hunt
  7. Aeon

    Burger SWN equipment list

    so here is a interesting equipment list from the burger south west nationals in the F-open divsion. thats pretty much any and gun you want to shoot up to 22lbs. I am pretty sure this is the first time ever a 6.5man bun has made the top 10!!!!!! The level of accuracy is best in the world at this...
  8. Aeon

    v3 AUTOTRICKLER has landed

    The rest of the parts got here today and let me just say OMG OMG OMG. i have not even had time to set it up right and its pretty much dead nuts on. here is a video i shot throwing 50gr of benchmark for a test. Ill have a full review here in a bit
  9. Aeon

    dog owners read this AB 2691 (Rebecca Bauer-Kahan, D-Orinda)

    thank god our ruling class has decided to save us from this horrible problem. you should join cwa even if you do not...
  10. Aeon

    greatest thing ever made by anyone ever
  11. Aeon

    this is pretty funny :) enjoy

    for @HATCHET1 the equivalent would be hitting the power windows
  12. Aeon

    Any of you guys on the site a CFI or a private pilot

    Going down the huge rabbit hole of learning to fly. Any members pilots or even better a CFI? i am addicted to the vidoes of guys flying cubs and other stol aircraft. I want one before i move to az
  13. Aeon

    i am in deep now.....

    well you can't sit at home and do nothing so now i weight things all day. broke down and got the auto trickle v3 From Data weighing systems. scary amount of money but i had my second gempro bite the dust and just after the warranty period was over so i am sol. with the 1k long range...
  14. Aeon

    Candy store score!!!!

    With all the crap going on this is a ray of joy. We headed up ortega hwy to the candy store. No parking and everything is closed. Crap what to do? So i found a local and paid him 40 bucks to watch my rig. Did the short hike and did our first set. In no time had a big tom working our set. Billy...
  15. Aeon

    you know what sucks about working your dog

    You know what sucks about working your dog on a sunny sat morning? absolutely nothing..... just doing some basics for the workout :)
  16. Aeon

    Lion in oc, child hurt

    Hope this kid is ok, it's right next to where I live
  17. Aeon

    you ask " why do we shoot coyotes"

    here is why ... omg ned its coming right for us
  18. Aeon

    2020 Plaster city 1000 Invitational-March 8th

    That's right kids the 2020 plaster city long range competition is just around the corner. It will be held this year at a super secrete location. invited attendees will receive encrypted maps showing the shoot location ( plaster city long range sniper range ) There will be a open, hunting, and...
  19. Aeon

    rad wolf hunting video

    i do not post videos often but this one is rad
  20. Aeon

    Chips first hunt

    .chips first day, first pintail

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