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Nov 17, 2012
The girlfriend finally got her buck. She has put in a lot of time physically training and shooting preparing for this moment.

At about 6 am last Saturday we had a good start to the day I glassed up about 10 does off the get while on our hike into our "spot".

Once we got to where we were planning on hunting I glasses for about 15 minutes before turning up a small forky at 800 yards, I asked her if she wanted him and she said yes, so the hunt was on. As we were making our stalk I checked up on our buck (which was with about 6 does) to my surprise another buck had joined them.

This buck was a 3 point on one side from what I could tell, so we continued up the ridge out of sight from the deer. I had picked out a rock earlier that I figured was about 400 yards from the deer, perfect!

Sarah has been practicing regularly out to 1000 yards so a 400 yard shot should be a chip shot.

We finally made it to the rock I had picked out, I got the gun set up ranged the buck with my G7 rangefinder, it told me to dial up 5MOA, done!

Sarah got behind the rifle, I had her take a dry fire on the buck to get some jitters out. After she got that done I told her to put a live one in and take her shot when she was ready and the buck was broad side.

About 30 seconds later she made an amazing shot at 373 yards. The buck was still standing so I had her put a following up shot in him and he dropped like a sack of rocks, she got to watch it all go down through her scope (I love muzzle brakes). She was beyond excited after the shot, we grabbed our packs and quickly got up to buck. Job well done!

The rifle was my Remington 700 7mm Rem mag.

The shooting platform.

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Jul 26, 2014
WOW! great job and nice shooting. Agreed with others on the very nice story and thanks for sharing. Inspires me.


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Jan 27, 2013
Garrett, that is awesome work getting her on it and great finish. She looks stoked alright.

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