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    New Guy

    Live in the San Gabriel Valley
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    New Guy

    Thanks ilovesprig,I believe I met you in a restaurant by Julian a couple of years ago , you noticed mine and my buddies old QU hats while in the restaurant. You gave us some advise on where to look for turkey Robert
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    Rabbit/Dove/Quail hunting partner

    Jr. hunt at Camp Cady was only on Sat the 2nd till noon, and that was only the field on Harvard Rd. the ponds were still open
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    Wyoming antelope hunting

    Looks good! I'll be heading out to WY later this month for my antelopes (2 doe tags) ,this will be my 8th trip out there.
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    Another FNG... Hunting for rabbits at South Chimineas on 09/02.

    For those that don't know about the Chimineas Ranch here is a link
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    New Guy

    Hi, Just signed up here and I see a few guys from other sites. Looks like there's a lot of info on this site, hope to contribute a bit Thanks, Robert