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    Outfitter warning

    @HATCHET1 I can reset your password if you like.
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    SD River bull frogs

    @Sdhunt17 is new and sometimes things are not always as they might seem. @Truduct has a fishing lic and kids under 16 do not need one... so your hope you have a lic is not warranted. ( do you ask every dove hunter if he has a hunting lic?) Nothing in the code says you cant take them home...
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    No we are not Aliens!

    @Argent11 please tell us a bit about you.
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    a few more updates

    Hey guys just lettting you all know there will be a few more updates to site and you might find the site up and down in the next couple days :) do not be scared! it will come back
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    updates are mostly done!

    Ok this was a tough time for some of you :) but we have completed step one of a HUGE upgrade to our system. The site how has SSL enabled and you will not get that annoying warning any more. We upgraded the server to a MUCH faster one that will load images at warp speed If any of you have any...
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    Update on site improvements

    Bumpy road so far but hang in there. I'm sure you guys noticed that the site looks funny. My crack IT team is working on it and we will have it back to normal soon. The site is smoking fast and you should no longer see the ssl warning. In the next few days more changes will happen. If you...
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    server updates over the next few days

    Can anyone besides me reproduce this
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    server updates over the next few days

    Sprig it's the default xenforo theme. Are you having that problem now?
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    server updates over the next few days

    Yeah, default theme till I can figure out why our fancy theme is broken :(
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    server updates over the next few days

    ok we are back!!!!!!! let me know if something is not working... things should be working A LOT FASTER and for you guys that use tapatalk.... try the phone interface its clean fast and you still get push notices and email
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    server updates over the next few days

    Hey guys! just a heads up, we are upgrading our site again! there will be sometimes that the site will be unreachable and or slow or just fraked up! Take a deep breath and hang on it will be back. Things should work much better and the dumb SSL warning will go away..... Stand By
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    Warning when logging in

    I was just messing with you sass... We are very aware of the warning and Google ranking related to non ssl sites. If only it was as simple as a few clicks. There is no free option with our host setup yes we are thinking of changing. Just so everyone is aware there is no safety risk. The whole...