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    Congrats on drawing the tag! For future reference, the draw is something you can strategize for, and I hope this doesn’t come as bad news to you but you can draw X9C with one point. The big game book gives you an idea of what kind of points it takes to get each tag. If you don’t feel confident...
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    Three lions in 1 pic

    I don’t think it’s really uncommon. They hang with with Mom until she gives them the boot. There is a lot of anecdotal evidence of this and now with trail cams, we see it somewhat regularly on film. I’m certainly not the final word but I haven’t seen any descriptions of adult cats hunting...
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    Coues Whitetail are my favorite

    I’m glad it got used.... I plan to bring you another Coues this fall and I won’t be giving parts away this time! Looks great Ed.
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    Elk & Antelope AZ applications due on the 13th (tomorrow).

    Matt’s card got hit this morning for an elk tag. Nothing on mine yet. Wish you all luck, check your accounts.
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    Coues Whitetail are my favorite

    I suppose I still could.... did you use the cape from that one? That’s a toad mule deer! Love it!
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    Coues Whitetail are my favorite

    Man, I love Mule Deer, but Coues Deer definitely take the beauty prize. The next good one I get I’ll have mounted. It’s funny, where I hunt Coues they are up in the mountains and the Mule Deer are down in the bottoms, which is opposite of what you’d normally find in a place that has both. Makes...
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    Elk & Antelope AZ applications due on the 13th (tomorrow).

    One can only hope.... really enjoying eating my elk from this year. Finished up the last of the grind last night and then did my application.
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    San Diego Junior Pheasant Hunt 2018

    Awesome! I would have volunteered Patsy to run for the kids but she had a pretty good limp this week after running hard for Mearn’s quail last weekend. Glad it went well.
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    SD and IV combo upland report 1/25

    It was a fun hunt and I’m glad you got to see a pointing dog do it’s thing Kevin. Too bad the birds were so spooky but that’s what you get in the last week of the season....
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    Love them birdies.

    Nice job, got the bonus Mountain Quail too! There's Quail on a lot of our socal public land... just gotta burn some boot rubber.
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    SCH doing it again in New Mexico

    Nice job, looks like a lot of fun!
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    Fun with dogs

    Been doing a lot of quick little afternoon 2 hour hunts lately. I don't like to shoot a lot of birds because I want to hunt them all season and work the dogs. Had a fun one the other day with Patsy. She's the most loyal dog I've ever owned and hunts with intensity. Here's a couple photos:
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    My 2017 Deer Season

    Thank you for the kind words Steve and everyone! I do enjoy writing up my experiences in the woods although I struggle to find the time to do it. Maybe I'll send one in to Western Hunter or something when I draw a good tag and do it justice.
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    My 2017 Deer Season

    Thanks LP. I know you fill a lot of tags so I'll take that as a compliment. Spot and stalk is a lot of work, but it's a ton of fun and really fulfilling when you do it right.
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    My 2017 Deer Season

    Here’s the long story of my deer season (not including my elk hunt which is in the Out of State forum). It was a long, frustrating season for me but in the end it was successful and rewarding. Opening Day and The First Week The night before the opener Matt, Daryl and I camped out at the...