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    Why We Suck at Recruiting New Hunters, & Why it Matters

    well said Steve, even my Kids don't hunt. I have tried to get them in the sport. no dice. I work in a factory. I am the only person there that likes to Hunt & Fish, and one other person likes to fish. are we a dieing breed. slowly being choked out.
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    Black eagle arrows?

    I also use Victory & gold tips hunter, I have never used Black Eagle
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    Entertaining the idea of raffling off hunting related gear etc.

    I confess, me being a being a black sheep , it was me LOL , maybe to pessimistic. In reality I like the Idea, I just don't see how logistically it would work with us not there in person. it would have to be in the honor system.
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    Why We Suck at Recruiting New Hunters, & Why it Matters

    with out the numbers we lose strength. the # of tags get smaller and more expensive. we don't have a choice. we need more people on our side. the more people we train and educate the better off we will be.
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    Why We Suck at Recruiting New Hunters, & Why it Matters

    it's funny to me, as an old timer I have seen change , not for the good. i said a while back , there not near as much public land there use to be. we keep getting squeezed into certain areas. more locked gates, and more restrictions. In MHO the hunters today are more educated and safety...
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    Draw results up

    good luck to you all, my challenge will be to hike this year. more sitting and watching this year.. rifle it is , buck only.
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    Scout day

    Work hard and it will happened. You are ahead of 80% of the crowd. Your Archery has really improved. Now it's matter of a little luck. Best of luck brother.
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    Game Camera

    Got these. Guys on my game cameras
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    Drew my MA1 tag

    Call the fish & wildlife biologist for that zone. He or she should be helpful.
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    If one studies the % of filled tags in each X zone and results in Dept. Of fish & wild life tags filled is a good clue. Study the terrain before deciding. One has to have good physical and mental state. For rougher areas. One my friends has horses. And rides up the high country.
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    Draw results up

    Hahaha. Just like Christmas
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    70 yards

    The best I can do is 60 yards. Arms not steady for 70 yards. I need to start practicing again. Have you tried the 3 d targets. It's fun.