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    Last 10 Dove Openers

    it has been a little slow around here but don’t worry I am going to shoot a couple dove this week and post up a few pictures for you guys. Can anyone guess where I landed this morning? I will give you a hint dove season never ends and there is no bag limit. Our fun begins tomorrow.
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    Paid some dues on the water today.

    Salt water fishing is awesome one day you go out and the boat is covered in blood. The next day same spot same bait nothing. Can’t get them from the couch way to get out there. Those whalers are impressive
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    CRAAAAP! ........ epic float tube fail.

    Lol never a bad day with the family Steve. The kids look like they could care less about the fins. It’s the time spent with them that matters.
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    SD River bull frogs

    I have a place at Martinez lake I would be super down for that. We could gig the back water channels. Never done it but @Lungpopper is out there a lot bow fishing any frogs? I hear them everywhere down there.
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    SD River bull frogs

    Wow @Sdhunt17 you just don’t get it. Most of these kids have never been anywhere near a bullfrog and tonight they got to get neck deep in them. Thanks for you concern lol. People have gotten way to soft that’s why so many of these teens and Kids in their 20s are such pansies and cry babies...
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    SD River bull frogs

    No we are not eating the frogs but four parents found out they are the proud new owners of bull frogs.
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    SD River bull frogs

    Well I guess this is small game. I lead a JR High group for 6th grade boys at my church every Friday night. I got tired of all the video game talk so this week we ventured into the glorious SD River in search of bull frogs. We ended up with 4 for the night and a bunch a crawfish. Heard quite a...
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    Euros in the IV?

    Well there is that one spot I have on public that borders a feed lot but no one wants to know where that is I’m sure lol.
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    Mid day scout trip

    That is a healthy gopher snake. I use to get bit all the time as a kid catching those things. They even rattle their tail like a rattler to try and trick you.
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    Afternoon on the Daily Double

    That’s awesome! Those are some nice calicos.
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    This guy did good...

    Ya I was thinking catfish at first but if you look at the first picture it has the markings/colors of a bass but the tail throws me off. Probably a new river mutant fish.
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    This guy did good...

    I can’t believe he didn’t catch and release that bass doesn’t he know your not allowed to eat them?
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    Newbie from LA County and my first time out

    Looks like a fun day keep after them hunting is a lifelong skill that can never be mastered. Just for future reference I use extreme caution when posting pictures on here and I am very broad in my descriptions. I would never post open pictures like you did and I definitely would not post...
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    Daily Double

    Steve, At that point I am exhausted lol. Long days at work for me lately and a lot of fun on the weekends and nights. Work hard play hard.
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    Daily Double

    Dang would have been cool to see him.