1. A

    First time hunting archery in D13

    Got into archery the last few years going to hunt D13 if anyone with experience will let me tag along or if any other newbs just want a partner let me know please. Thanks in advance
  2. M

    New hunter - D13 deer tags

    Hey everyone, I’m almost as new hunting as I am to SCH so I just had a couple questions. Went out for the first time last year for turkey and was late to the game but got pig and deer tags for D13 in SoCal. I hear it’s not that great, but I have a friend who got a buck in 13 last year. Any...
  3. D

    D13 hunters?

    Any reports or updates on this zone y’all D13
  4. D

    Public land wild pigs around Ventura county?

    Anyone can help find some spots around me for pigs I live in Ventura? I’m a new hunter this is my first year and am really excited to join the community and start a new tradition in my family thank y’all
  5. D

    New hunter

    Hi I’m Corey I’m 21 I live in Ventura ca and I’ve always wanted to get into hunting but never had in friends or family into the tradition themselves so I’ve finally made a resolution this year and made myself legal and prepared to become an advid hunter and make great hunting partner relation...
  6. Evan Howard

    Late season D 11 / D 13 tips?

    I've never hunted D 11 or D 13 but am familiar with the type of high desert terrain and oak woods as I have hunted in D 14 before. Though it has always been with someone who is familiar with the area and knows what they are doing. This year I'm doing a solo hunt and was hoping someone would...

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