For sale Hornady progressive, dies, dillon 550 parts, k&m, Redding, RCBprimer seater


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Apr 12, 2014
Selling a bunch of reloading gear. Located in Murieta area and can deliver near Corona

$1150 -Hornady LNL progressive press
-Hornady power bullet feeder with 9mm and 45 bullet feeder dies
- Inline fabrication roller handle
- Inline fabrication QC mount with base
- 9 Extra QC die bushings
- 4 Shell plates, #45, #16, #8, #1
- Inline fabrication Wall mount storage center
- Inline fabrication Skylight Led light kit

$50 -Frankford Arsenal Platinum perfect seat had primer seating tool with case (needs replacement tray)

$35- Frankford Arsenal? Platinum Series Hand Deprimer

$150-K&M priming tool with gauge and case

$100 for all 18 trays- Frankford Arsenal Reloading tray (18 total)

$20 for all 5- National Metalic wood Reloading blocks (44 mag, 45-70, 7.62 x 39, 40 S&W, 45 acp)

$150-Lyman powder trickler (missing powder tray)

$45- RCBS carbide 9mm taper crimp 3 die set
$55- RCBS carbide 45 ACP 3 die set with added taper crimp die
$40- 30-06 RCBS 30-06 FL 2 die set (new)
$70- Redding 300wm Type S bushing style neck sizing die (new)
$70- Redding 308 Type S bushing style neck sizing die (new)
$15- Lee factory crimp die 300wm (new)
$15- Lee factory crimp die 223 (new)

$125- Dillion 550 parts
-Two toolheads
-308/30-06 Caliber conversion kit

$40- Hornady Case prep duo (missing charging cord)

$40- 100 RCBS APS primer strips in various sizes

Possible trades CZ PCR, CZ P01, CZ 97B, 365X macro (if already in California), CCI 450 primers

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