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    Common Shooting Mistakes

    dude the cross hood out the window is level 5 shit
  2. Aeon

    Common Shooting Mistakes

    Best advice for birds is shoot them close. Ducks die a lot better with their feet down
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    Common Shooting Mistakes

    Dry fire your center fire rifle, have way more rounds dry fired then live fire on a couple of my rigs
  4. Aeon

    My Long Range Hunting Rig

    That gun should be good for 1st place in the carbon ultralight division
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    Inactive Forums?

    Trust me.... Never go full forum janitor
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    Inactive Forums?

    Part of the trouble with forums is the work it takes to run them and the cost. If you guys knew the work that goes into keeping the wheels on you might wonder why we do it. Look at the down time that other place has had. Its also expensive and ad revenue is down That said, we have never had a...
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    My Father passed today

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    Inactive Forums?

    Forums have been affected by fb and other platforms. We have seen the shift however. People are moving away from fb back to forums. They are what we make them
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    Axil hearing protection Review

    what? yeah that is what i am trying to stop. I have tried quite a few electronic solutions and some have been so so and others have just sucked. The best so far is my pro ears muffs. They do exactly what they are supposed to but it comes with the bulk of the muff. They are also not water proof...
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    Covid hunting closures......

    FUD don't be scared mark, mexico will open
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    4x4 for wister

    what you need is the truecoat treatment
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    Anatomy of a Lightweight Long Range Hunting Rifle

    This gun should be a contender at the sch cup, in the ultralight one shot and done division :)
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    17 hornet is the hammer of thor on socal deer too :) just saying unless we are talking about them big ones off the 91 freeway a older 25-06 will have a slow spin, you will need to shoot the lighter all copper bullets to keep them flying right.
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    Draw Results Are Out!

    love the hen speed goats! they are one of the most underrated wild meats. used to get a doe tag each year in Utah :) good times
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    300 WSM vs 300 WM

    barrels are like beer, consumable and you can buy more anytime :)

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