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    Yeti coolers breaks from NRA?

    Where did you hear this? From the Yeti press release, it doesn't sound like they're giving *any* discounts to specific organizations anymore, and just want everyone to go through their "custom" shop to order branded yeti items.
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    Reservation Excitement

    I did my Hunter Safety at Raahauges, too, the half-day one. I think they definitely did a good job of getting through all the material as fast as possible.
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    Wister Duck Hunting Mentor needed (Live or PMing)

    Did you ever find a mentor to hunt Wister? I drew a reservation for Jan 20th and I'm in a similar situation.
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    Duck Hunting

    Thanks. I just started hunting this year even though I'm 35. I'm open to hunting pretty much anything. So far, my experience is limited to scouting Cleveland NF near Pine Hills, mostly for Turkeys, without much luck.
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    Learning to Duck Hunt

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    Learning to Duck Hunt

    I've never hunted ducks before and a friend of mine that was supposed to teach me this season flaked out on me. Unfortunately, most of my friends that hunt all live on the east coast where I grew up, and most of the people I know out here don't even own guns let alone hunt. I drew a...
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    Duck Hunting

    I've never been duck hunting before, and friend of mine who was supposed to teach me the ropes this season flaked out on me. I live in Fullerton. I drew a reservation for Wister on 1/20, but I'm willing to go any weekend at any of the other areas in southern california.