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    Why Are We Losing Our Deer?

    Freaking mountain lions !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Our California government......

    It is now time to take control. Are we the people whom is destine to be controlled by the government or is it time to control the people in the government.
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    Our California government......

    I didn't know that this state had a government.... lol
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    Shame, road kill

    Total BS that this state does not allow you to take the deer if it is hit by a car. This state is a total embarrassment to the USA.
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    Gun makers push back

    Talking about gun control and the last president sent how many across the border that killed hundreds of citizens in Mexico..... Screw the "Demoncrats".
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    Cuyamaca Afternoon Bite

    awesome father
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    Big bear lake

    First if your going to be a smart ass won't you learn how to spell....
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    What to do if you call in a lion

    I call this the Democrat one way study
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    What to do if you call in a lion

    Well let's put our cards on the table while wearing short sleeves. If the cat leaves peacefully then it shall be.. If it stocks me then the cat will head across rainbow bridge. As it is up to the "Demoncrats" of this state then you would be doing hard time for killing one even in self defense...
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    Chicken Thief Mystery Solved

    take matters into your own hands is the only way to deal with it...
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    New predator guidelines?

    This is ridiculous.... Way too many mountain lions
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    Stealth 1200 for sale

    wow this thread is more like the Young & Restless Soap Opera
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    New predator guidelines?

    I agree. First mountain lions & coyotes.. But, the biggest predator is the liberal idiots in Sacramento.
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    New predator guidelines?

    This state is pathetic. As long as we have liberal "Demoncrats" in Sacramento then the outdoor activities will be taken away. They are slowly stripping away hunting. They are already after your guns and ammo. They are controlling every thing we do.
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    Poor Me

    I have had 2 hernias and they suck