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    Dark Harbor Night Fishing

    Hey guys, been awhile since I've posted. I've been doing lots of hunting and filming but haven't been roaming the forums that often. Things are off to a great year, getting married and have a baby due in early September. Few days ago I got out with a buddy of mine to do some night fishing in the...
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    Tikka T1x Varmint Hunt

    Hey guys, Spent some time out in the field filming a few locations with a good friend of mine. Would have liked to film more with this excellent platform but was limited with time. Some Ground Squirrels got hit pretty bad. Most all the shots are beyond 200+ yards. Enjoy
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    Spot and stalk rabbits/jacks in San Felipe WA?

    Start early, I usually hunt from high ground and walk/ move slow as possible. Unfortunately you may have some failures before success. My advice if you are using a scope is to keep it set to low magnification.
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    when are you allowed to shoot quail?

    I'm glad he decided to ask, Unfortunately this may be the results of DFW dumping the follow up class. Think about how many people out there aren't asking these important questions.
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    Bunny down

    Hey guys, been trying to stay as busy as I can. With all the b.s going on it's been difficult to get out. Ended up taking down a Cottontail the other day at 115 yards using my .25 cal with 34gr slug. We ate well and had a great few days away from home.
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    Tree Squirrels?

    Thank you sir, this is what I'm discovering. Apparently a small portion of Kern is not legal and that of course would be the closest area to me. Lol
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    Tree Squirrels?

    Getting mixed direction as far as parts of Fraizer Park area. Regs look as though Kern county is legal but other sources list east of the 5. Any experience welcomed.
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    FJ with a few things about the site

    Have John check his PM box
  9. Crosman999

    Ultra light Solo Tent?

    Ozark Trail is unfortunately not very waterproof, they leak. Great for summer use though.
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    Ultra light Solo Tent?

    For the money the OneTigris Iron Wall with inner liner is pretty good and lightweight. The one thing I like about the Tipi style is it doesn't load up when you have some snow...I've used others that practically cave in from the weight. I'm not a fan of having no floor.. especially during summer...
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    Short Cottontail/Jack hunt with Marley

    Welcome to subscribe to our channel, I've been informed my videos are to commercialized to post here. I may share some pics from time but no more videos.
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    Two day Adventure

    Chances are you have a browser issue, it's been beta tested on all devices.
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    Two day Adventure

    Headed out into the mountains for a few days of hunting and cooking with a few friends. Hope some may enjoy the footage of the trip.
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    The Hodge.....8-12-20

    Wow Steve, what a fantastic day.
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    Eastern Sierra's Trout Catch &Cook

    Headed up into the Eastern Sierra's with my dog Marley and my good friend Mike. Over two days we fished some remote and rugged creeks. What a fantastic trip we had, hope some may enjoy the footage. ☺️

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