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    Draw results up

    Skunked on all fronts. A zone and D13 for me. Ugh. Hopefully Idaho is better.
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    Idaho controlled hunts

    Awesome thank you. Ugh thats a while out.
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    One bite

    Nice, nothing better than when they destroy a topwater!
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    2014 Ford F150 Limited 4X4

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    Idaho controlled hunts

    Does anyone know when Idaho historically posts draw results? I couldn't find it in their regs.
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    70 yards

    That a hell of a group at 70 yards!
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    Hog Doggin in Texas

    Wow hogs with a .17!
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    Weekend fun

    Wow awesome hunt! Are these fields that you previously have permission? I am having a hell of a time getting permission here in Ventura County.
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    Shame, road kill

    Might just be how the hair is ruffled but almost looks like a bullet entrance on the neck and exit on the back.
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    2018 Boar Hunt

    Awesome hunt! Is this a guided venture? Public land?
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    2014 Ford F150 Limited 4X4

    2014 F150 Limited Super Crew 3.5l Ecoboost turbo charged Heated seats Cooled seats Dual climate zones Bluetooth Navagation SiriusXM 82k miles Premium leather 4x4 22" Rims Tires in great condition Black metallic paint (Snugtop matches) A/C Matching tint Tow package Electronic foldable mirrors...
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    Eastern Sierras - Crickets as Trout Bait?

    You will be taunting fate if you don't tie on a cricket at some point in your trip!