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    Last 10 Dove Openers

    Steeeeve. Very cool Picts. You just haaaad to do it. This may be the first year I have to miss. Ive got the new company and hopefully moving to our new ranch in the fall if we can get the family house in Vegas sold and find a slice of heaven we can afford. Maybe we can hunt them on...
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    Donations appreciated for Veterans dove hunt

    Don’t have any ammo but do you need anything else? Transportation, water.....?
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    Travling tradesmen/hunter help

    PM me. I also travel for work on the central coast and there is LOTS of country up that way.
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    Newbie from LA County and my first time out

    That’s really the general consensus around here. If you go into it always thinking your going to harvest something every time out (or even see something) your going to be disappointed.
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    Newbie from LA County and my first time out

    Very nice write up and welcome. It takes time to find spots and even then no guarantees. just keep after it. talk to guys here and in the field, and remember we should all be out for the love of nature. Harvesting and eating wild game is just EXTRA frosting on the cake of nature.
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    To add.....if you think you may have found a great place with lots of good bucks have a more experienced guy come out with you to confirm. Just Incase.;):p
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    Any idea what this is? Utah mountains

    Cat crap no? Just really old.
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    Bobcats and coyotes

    Umm opps thanks. Ive always learned it wasn't ok with an e-caller even way back as a kid. Thanks for the clarification. Now ill wack them more. Maybe its a family thing or maybe it was something i brought back from Montana or Wyoming? Not sure where i got it.
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    Bobcats and coyotes

    It happens all the time. Also lions, hawks, ravens, crows and even owls. But do not shoot a bob cat if you used an electric caller. (Ive always learned this but have been proven wrong.) thanks guys for correcting me. Only hand and mouth and of coarse during season. As already stated...
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    eating yotes.

    I have had bob cat. not the best very lean. but YOTE? ummm im pretty open but not having any clue what they eat... no thanks.
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    New to Palmdale, CA Looking for Tips

    Hey Ken Welcome to the site. Great for me to see guys from your area, that are closer to me. most of the guys are from down south and youll soon find out that some great hunting is down that way. My family has hunted deer in the north LA south kern and ventura counties for Many years. and...
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    Small bucks

    Yea those don’t look small to me in any way. I’d put them in the freezer and the wall.
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    Hello from Classic Off-Road

    Ive always been jealous of your van. Wish I had the funds to buy it. They are super cool
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    Hello from Classic Off-Road

    Glad to be able to John Sailor, we will do anything we can to help.