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    A22 giant

    Terrible advice!! Show as much of the area as you can. And please reference a near by landmark.
  2. invisible man

    Tree stand etiquette.

    Absolutely Pete although there are no deer there anymore. The ranch dog will not let them on the property moved to public land I’ll drop you a pin but don’t hurt yourself it’s a treacherous walk in
  3. invisible man

    Tree stand etiquette.

    Those ones that look totally abandon probably belong to Sluester. I know he had seven or eight of them up there and nothing would make him happier then for you to climb in one and whack a doe out of it.
  4. invisible man

    Tree stand etiquette.

    Public land, go ahead and sit in it. But don’t forget it does it belong to somebody else ,be respectful. the ones that look like garbage might have a big buck hanging around it because nobody sits in it . look for deer sign around those.
  5. invisible man

    Crazy deer cam footage.missing back

    Those White tail are tough deer
  6. invisible man

    Should I Mount It?

    Great buck Dustin. Way above average for D 16. Definitely mount him broken G2 and all. he’s a good one congrats! Good job taking the little guys with you.
  7. invisible man

    Camera and Sim Card Thief

    Local bow shop in lakeside. Show them to Dave.
  8. invisible man

    SoCal biggest and best

    First Archery buck
  9. invisible man

    D-16 Poaching Help Requested

    You may have blew it by posting this. You might have just tipped him off that your looking for him, If you just keep cool and wait he probably would have posted up some where unsuspecting.
  10. invisible man

    Aaaannndddd, that's a wrap.

    Looks like your plan came together just fine. Good job.
  11. invisible man

    Nobody wanted her Poonanny :(

    Sorry Ed . I did it. I seen the Buck with out a tag and thought I was doing you a favor. It wasn't to bum you out.
  12. invisible man

    Big buck down

    Good one .What zone?
  13. invisible man

    Nobody wanted her Poonanny :(

    Hey Bowuntr, Better get the pic of the tagless buck down before you really do get schooled.:clap:
  14. invisible man

    Nobody wanted her Poonanny :(

    Head comparison to the ears, kinda looks like a yearling. While you were babysitting momma was around the corner getting slammed like a 2 dollar omelette.
  15. invisible man

    Who took my SD card

    Oh sorry. Ill put it back in when I go back up. Here is what was on it.:cool:

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